i'm baaaack


ok. so i'm a liar. or at least i am if you follow me on ig.
i was planning to post this about 3 days ago but due to some serious (and no fun)
internet issues at the new house, mixed with moving, unpacking, organizing
and being pretty darn exhausted after all of it
i didn't get a chance to post this until today!

so here's a little recap of my week:
sunday: stress all day about packing up everything and making sure it's all ready to go
monday: rush from work to sign papers on the house
tuesday: wait for the bank and seller to sign and okay everything (longest day of my life)
wednesday: get keys to the new house and all hell breaks loose!
cleaning, sweeping, mopping, packing, loading, unloading, and staring.
LOTS of staring at ALL the junk, bags, boxes, and PILES of STUFF that we have accumulated over the past few years.
thursday: completely finish the move and we get to spend our first night in our new house! 
friday: organize. organize. organize. 
i'm so darn sick of finding places for things and organizing i could scream.
saturday: more cleaning, grocery shopping, and hunting for more ideas that will help me organize. yay. 

so hopefully my faithful readers can be understanding of my absence. 
but know that i'm back and finally in and settled! 
no more moving and back to blogging!

sweater: jmr, romeo & juliet t shirt: wildfox couture, jeans: william rast (similar)
shoes: tj maxx (similar), hat: f21 (similar), watch: thrifted, bracelets: brandy melville
mustache necklace: etsy


  1. glad you're back! love your outfit and wish you the best of luck with unpacking!

  2. this outfit looks amazingly comfy! love the hat!


  3. Oooooooh, I might need that tee!

  4. im obsessed with that sweater!

  5. Loge how comfy the sweater looks! Gorgeous!

    XO, Kelsey

  6. Love the high-low hem on the sweater! Gives a little peekaboo opportunity for that cute shirt!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  7. Ahhhh I hate moving! I feel your pain! It will all settle soon enough. Get some rest! xxoo

  8. Moving is the worst! You look fabulous, though. Totally digging that sweater

    xo Emily

  9. Any tribal print leggings? Would love to see it on your post!

  10. Such cute shoes!!