recent things i love


ok, so this isn't so much a "recent" love, but a little scary how much, really.
-cake doughnuts 
(this is a very recent find and i'm honestly a little disappointed 
that no one has informed me of these sooner!)
-my comf's (aka: sweats at our house)
-my newest addition to the collection: sky blue nail polish. 
or as i like to call it "robyn egg" blue. *chuckle*
-everything "fall"
colorful leaves, crisp air, leggings, boots, big comfy sweaters (it's like i'm set on repeat with this sweater thing)
vanilla steamers on my way to work in the cold mornings, even the "smell" of fall & everything that goes with it!
-when husband is "on one"
goofy husband = favorite husband. it just reminds me why i fell in love with him 
a very recent, strange obsession. 
three nights ago i had a slight hankering for an omelet. at 11 PM.
since then i have made one every day. 
-our newest netflix series: revenge
seriously, daniel grayson- are you kidding me right now?!
-the fact that society accepts leggings as pants
comfy, stretchy, best fat-day pants ever! haha. suckers.
-oh, and did i mention fall...?

sweater: roxy (similar), leggings: f21, shoes: target, clutch: steve madden
necklace: free people (similar), spike ring: windsor, sunnies: f21


  1. Ahh yes I love everything you mention! And show everrrr!

  2. -our newest netflix series: revenge
    seriously, daniel grayson- are you kidding me right now?!

    i am ALL about Revenge on Netflix! SOOOO good. i am hoping to finish Season 1 this week that way i can watch the 2nd episode of Season 2 with the rest of the world. such a fantastic show!

    1. Seriously! That's what we're doing! We just heard such good things that we had to check it out- and I'm glad we did! Now as soon as we're done we'll be able to start right on Season 2!

  3. I love all things fall too! Totally obsessed. Loving this sweater on you too.

    xo Emily

  4. For the record, I only "accept" leggings as pants if the tushie is covered! So, you're good. ;)

  5. Fall is my favourite for all the reasons you listed there. And I absolutely love your chunky sweater - it's such a perfect length!

  6. Love love your blog, always nice to get a lil inspiration when I'm stuck on what to wear! Btw thanks to u I just got the spree booties as an early bday gift to myself & can't wait to break these babies in..ur adding to my shoe addiction!!! :)

    1. Haha oh no! Actually, strike that, oh YES! Good for you and I love gifting myself a little present from time to time! :)

  7. Ah Yes to Revenge!.. So good... and you are the best shopper!.. you always find the best things... love how simple but comfy and stylish!

  8. Love this outfit! and your hair- its gorgeous! I tried to click the follow tap but it didnt seem to be working lol I will definitely be checking back :)

    1. Oh no! Haha, definitely try it again, it should be working now!
      Thanks for following along!