monday blues...


this skirt is making it's second debut and it's not soon enough!
i've been a little m.i.a this past week since my body gave up for a few days and i came down with my first cold of the season. apparently when i suffer, so do my blogging abilities. 
not to mention i didn't wear anything notable or fashionably savvy all weekend.
unless you consider victoria's secret sweats "bloggable" 

as for now, i'm feeling good enough to put on a skirt, heels and actually do my hair
as well as eat my first "mini-thanksgiving" meal, which we had yesterday with the in-laws since we will be spending actual thanksgiving with my family this year. 
it was a good way to prep for thursday though- and helped me realize i will be needing 
some extra stretchy pants for the big day :)
so today i am grateful for a short work week and extra excited to spend some 
much needed time with family soon. 
happy monday!

shirt: windsorstore, skirt: urban outfitters, shoes: windsorstore
necklace: h&m, bracelet: old, rings: f21, nail polish: smush (urban outfitters) & grey (ice)


  1. Those wedges are amazing. I love them.

    xo Ashley

  2. OBSESSING over those wedges!!! you look amazing!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. that last shot is my fav.
    hair looks awesome, adorbs nails, great details!

    xo - heather

  4. Love this! Actually, I would sort of like if you did a outfit post for those days when you are down, or sick! Even if it is just sweats, I think it would be interesting to see how you rock it on your sick days!

    XO, Kelsey

  5. So so so pretty! Loving the blue! stretchy pants for thanksgiving, yes please! I was once given a pair of maternity pants (while I'm not pregnant, nor have I been) and said yes, these would be good for thanksgiving. lol PS - I call my inlaws the outlaws. lol

  6. You have the most amazing outfits ever. I'm sure even when you are sick, your outfits are "bloggable"!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  7. This is gorgeous! I especially love the top and necklace.

  8. Beautiful skirt! Love those shoes too

    xo Emily

  9. Love your adorable outfit!! Especially that chevron top! Just found your blog this morning through instagram and I love your how we wore posts!

    xo kashia

  10. amazing shoes! love the outfit!