playing in the street...


thank you...
to the sweet lady at costco that made everything better when there was almost a 
"christmas card printing fiasco"
mumford and sons for being so. darn. awesome. and serenading me all day at work
to sweet, sweet followers and all of your sweet, sweet comments!
to tbs for playing friends reruns EVERY day
to the makers of cookie butter. if you've tried it, you know.
to hubs. because i just can't thank him enough. 
and to h&m for practically sponsoring this outfit...!

p.s. does anyone else think it looks like there's a little gingerbread house in the background...?

tank: h&m, sweater: h&m, cargo skinnies: sanctuary (similar), shoes: gift
bag: old (similar), hat: h&m (recent), lip color: mac viva glam III matte


  1. I love your sweater and you're definitely a hat person :)

    xo Ashley

    1. Haha! Mostly because I am usually just too lazy to do my hair. Once you commented this I had a realization of how often I am wearing some sort of hat! Thank you though! :)

  2. Ok, so I love your blog you really do have the best taste and I want basically every outfit you post. I so wish you could help me go on a shopping spree and restock my closet! I feel so out of the loop now that I have 2 kids and zero time to shop! My husband promised me if I hit my goal weight I can go on a little shopping spree to celebrate! Will be keeping your outfits in mind:)

    1. That's so exciting! And it makes it so much fun when you've got something to work towards! Good luck on hitting your goal and I would be happy to help in any way when your looking for ideas for your shopping spree!!

  3. So gorgeous!! I love this outfit! And it totally does look like a gingerbread house in the background!
    I watch friends reruns every day, too!

  4. You are beautiful! And, I love love love this outfit. Perfect look from head to toe.

    XO, Gina

  5. Not only is your outfit super trendy,but your makeup looks perfect! You should do a makeup tutorial sometime.

    Also, who designed your blog? I'm looking to get mine done but don't want to break the bank on it. Any suggestions?


  6. Oh thank you so much! I have had so many requests for a makeup tutorial there will definitely be one coming soon! As for the blog design- her name is Jessica Eraso and she did an amazing job! She was AWESOME to work with too! Definitely check her out and you can send her an email for more details as far as cost, etc. @!

  7. I'm def jealous of that snow... and YES I do think it looks like a gingerbread house! Love the look Robyn!!! xxoo

  8. pleaseee tell me how you do your hair im obsessed haha soo pretty :]

    1. Oh gol- this is just sleeping on it and not re-curling it for about 2 days after I initially curled it- it just gets flatter and looser! But if you are interested in how I curl it, I have a tutorial here-
      hopefully that helps!!