grandma sweaters


here's a little unknown secret about me. deep down i really want to be a free people girl. 
i'm a little obsessed with their magazines, website and obviously clothing! i could honestly wear every single thing they make! everything is so comfy and lovely and every once in a while i splurge on something i can't live without! this sweater was something i have been eyeballing for a while now and after seeing it on sale, it was a done deal. and talk about the comfiest and warmest sweater i now own! 
also, today i decided against leggings and actually wore pants. it was the first in a while. 
and yes, i am proud. 

p.s. the picture with my leg up is soo cheesy, right? hubs has been talking me out of my "boring poses" and making me try new things. this is what happens when you make me try "new things"... :)

 flower cardi: free people, tank: brandy melville, jeans: true religion (similar) shoes: target
hat: urban outfitters, wishbone earrings: c/o windsor (love these), rings: c/o stylelately & f21, necklace: c/o stylelately & jmr

also, don't forget to enter the giveaway below for an adorable headband from lemonsandlace!


  1. i love free people too!!!
    but everythings so expensive so its definitely a once in a while thing. you look great in your new sweater though! even in your cheesy pose :)

    The DayLee Journal

  2. Love the sweater & love the face while you're holding your leg up!

  3. I wish my husband told me what poses look good, but he only takes pictures, oh well :)
    Love the sweater!

  4. You have such a cute style lady :) LOVE this sweater so much :) When I was in New York I was exstatic when I stumbled across the Free people at the Rockefeller. Too bad I had discovered the J.Crew 5 minutes before... x

  5. You look gorgeous in these pictures. Kudos to the hubby for mixing it funny!

    The Glossy Life

  6. I wish I could pull off free people!! I just look like I'm trying too hard to be hipster hahaha. You look great. Love the hat and new blog design.

  7. Free People is AMAZING. I only splurge on rare, rare occasions when there is sale. But their stuff is amazing :)

    And you?! You are flawless! Can I have your hair, please?! :)

  8. Love the whole look! I have an over-sized tan chunky kit sweater that I call my "grandpa sweater"..My friends tease me about it but I'm in love with it! :) And yes, can I please live in the Free People magazine?!

  9. That sweater is the best! Love it!

  10. That sweater looks so comfy. I've just started really getting into the free people brand. Haven't bought anything yet, but I have a lot on my wish list ;)

  11. Your boots make the whole outfit :) Love them!

    xo Ashley

  12. Love this outfit! You're rocking that "granny" sweater. And I don't think the leg up picture is too cheesy - glad someone else has a guy who pushes them into trying new things too!


  13. i heart free people.
    just don't heart the price tags!
    but totally worth a splurge sometimes!

    xo - heather

  14. Hi there!

    Thanks for liking some of my pics on Instagram b/c it lead me to your adorable blog! I am also a fashion blogger so I just love to see what other people are wearing/doing to!
    Your style is adorable and I just love your free spirit!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  15. you're so pretty robyn and i will definitely be copying this outfit soon.

  16. don't we all want to be free people girls?! :)


  17. You look fantastic in that long cardi - and your hair, girl, is gorge!