do you ever...


do you ever randomly remember something that you have in your closet that you haven't worn in a long time? well that is kind of what happened with this skirt the other day. my mind obviously doesn't stop thinking fashion. ever. because i believe it was at dinner and randomly i thought  "i need to bust out that cute long white skirt i have and wear it soon. maybe it would look cute with those black shoes..."
and there's a little insight on what goes on inside my head. scary, right? 
so here it is! after i have a thought like that i usually end up wearing it as soon as possible and here is my "cute long white skirt" paired with "those black shoes". this skirt was an absolute find amongst the mess that is forever 21- nonetheless in the sale section! so i'm assuming you may never be able to find the same one again, but i will do my best to find something similar because it is definitely a favorite! also, you've seen me wear this super cute watch from feral watches a few times now but watch for a chance to win one for yourself coming SOON!

 blouse: forever21 (similar, also love this one!), skirt: forever21 (similar), shoes: dsw (love these!), watch: c/o feral watches 
infinity necklace: c/o stylelatelystack ring: c/o windsor, arrow ring: c/o stylelately


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  1. All the time! I always pulling things out of my closet that have been "retired" so to speak... I love those shoes! They look amazing!

  2. This happens to me all the time. I am going through my closet and finding things with tags still on them...guilty as charged!!

  3. You look so pretty!
    It's the best when you find lost clothing in your closet! I call it closet shopping!
    Style in the City

  4. that close up/waist up pic of you is BEAUtiful!!
    loving those shoes!!

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  5. Very classy! I love it!!

  6. This is the story of my life! Probably because I have way too many clothes and always loos track of what I have. But I think its like finding $5 in your pocket when you discover something you forgot in your closet. Always a great surprise!

    Xo, Jamie

  7. Honestly, we'd get along wonderfully because I think like that too! I also think it's a tell tale sign that you have too much in your closet, at least it is for me. When you can forget about what you have that is...

    Love this look - I don't do white bottoms often because I'm accident prone, but this look coupled with the white jean trend I may dive in.. (likely into some food which I'll inevitably spill on said white bottoms...)

    XO Nina

  8. The skirt if fab! I'm your newest follower!

  9. so gorgeous! you're inspiring me to break out my pretty spring-y clothes in this awful winter wisconsin weather (i miss sundresses!). i follow you on instagram so i'm glad i checked out your blog-- love your style :)


  10. yes this happens to me a lot i forget about items that i really really love and then i find it in my closet and i wonder why i stopped wearing that item in the first place. and yes i just wrote a run on sentence :-) absolutely love your blog, gorgeous style you have :-)

  11. I am so in love with this outfit! You look amazing!

  12. So cute and feminine!!

  13. Isn't it nice when you forget you had something and when you get it out it almost feels like you just bought something new! :) Well, as always you look amazing! I totally heart your skirt, but I'd be super freaked that one of my 3 kids would spill something on me :/ Hope you have a great weekend!


  14. Love the idea of wearing white in the winter! looks amazing