dressing up.


love love loved this skirt the second i put it on. enough so that i had to brag a little. this skirt not only fits like a dream and has pockets (such a dumb thing to be excited about but i love it!), but it was actually customized by moi! i was able to get the exact length and fit i wanted and added the pockets since i am always in need! eshakti.com is a pretty killer website (especially for us that struggle finding skirts/dresses long enough to cover up the goods, if you know what i mean...) or for anyone in general who is sick of finding the perfect skirt except that it's just too short. i fell in love with this site because i know whichever print i like i can turn into the perfect fit for me :)
on another note, i have been trying to post the video of my ombré hair tutorial, but my computer seems to feel differently about letting you all see it. so even though it's not up yet, you can kind of tell between my last two posts and the ones before that that the hair is definitely lighter and maybe after another trip back to the genius bar we will have the movie up and going soon! cross your fingers :)

basic top: f21, skirt: c/o eshakti, shoes: c/o windsor, necklace: c/o seaworthy, earrings: c/o seaworthy, watch: thrifted
rings: c/o fresh tangerine, knuckle crown ring: c/o stylelately


  1. Absolutely so adorable! I love that skirt!


  2. It looks perfect on you! Beautiful.

  3. Love all your dainty little rings!


  4. girl you are just so crazy cute!! and that skirt is so so so cute! totally contemplated it as well... have a lovely tuesday!


  5. Such a cute skirt!! And I love the shoes!

  6. Wow, love this! I need your style girl! So pretty, and I love the button on the waist, so cute!

    XO, Kelsey

  7. I LOVE your hair and can't wait for the video! Mine is the same length-ish as yours and same dark color, so I'm in:) The skirt is gorgeous, I have a dress from eShakti and it was really fun to customize.

  8. Love this look! Your shoes and rings are amazing! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  9. That skirt was one of my few eshakti choices too, but I went with a different dress. I do love it though, and you wear it super well!

  10. I love this skirt and it was one of my eShakti choices but I ended up going with a dress instead - now I might regret that since it looks so great on you! I'll have to go back and look at it again haha


  11. uhmmm pretty sure pockets in skirts are ALWAYS worth getting excited about! :)

  12. So cute!! I love this outfit and I am always looking for skirts to cover the goods! Thanks.

    XOXO, Mariah


  13. Im in love with that skirt. You look so beautiful like always

  14. That's funny you bought some little cocoa bean pants and I know Sarah who makes those pants.I live in Salt lake , so cool to meet you.
    Your blog is amazing, love all of your outfits!
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  15. are you sure there is a baby in there?! skinny mini! love the skirt!

  16. Im in loveee with that skirt. You always look awesome!