oh hey lovelies! hope you are having a fab friday and excited for the weekend! 
my weekend usually starts on thursday because that has recently been hubs' "day off" since friday and saturday are usually busiest for him. it was a pretty great day of couples massages (our favorite day off activity, which i am taking full advantage of until baby comes!), costco trips (if you've been reading my posts for a while, you know that i love costco! ;), and a looooong night at ikea! we are putting a new kitchen in our basement to rent it out to some friends and with as modern as our house is decided ikea would be a great fit! we made quite the little kitchen on our own (ok, and some help from toshi- the awesome ikea worker that spent 3 hours with us since we really had no idea what we were doing!) 
but in the end it was worth it because it turned out kind of awesome... what do you think?! just note that it is actually all black with black countertops and the island will be a dark oak color for contrast, not bad though eh?! playing with this program kind of made me want to do interior design. kind of. a little bit. :)
p.s has anyone ever put an ikea kitchen in?! that was our only reserve to doing it on our own was that it would be a huge pain! 

oh, and here's an outfit for those of you who aren't sick of them yet! ;)

 sweater: c/o pina styles, leggings: c/o stylesaysshop, wedges: c/o windsor, whistle necklace: falling whistles
antler necklace: urban, watch: nordstrom (similar)


also, for all my lovely readers, stylesaysshop wants to give you all 10% your order until 5/30! just use the code: YOURS at checkout and receive your 10% discount today! xoxo


  1. LOVE this outfit! I wear my sneaker wedges any chance I get :)

  2. LOVE this! Those sneakers are awesome, and I love love your hair :)

  3. Those are some wild sneakers!
    My BFF and my in-laws both installed brand new Ikea kitchens, except I think they hired some help. My hubs and I bought about 10 ft of Ikea base cabinets and a few wall cabinets to install a bar area in our basement. We've done all the work ourselves; it's not too hard. The oak counter top though is ridiculously heavy- but I guess that's a good thing. Who wants a flimsy counter top? :) Good luck!

  4. Do you like your wedge sneakers? They seem interesting. Are they comfortable? Cute outfit :-)

    1. I absolutely love them! I have four pair and love them all! They are definitely one of my more comfortable pairs of shoes and you get a little height with the wedge but they still have a comfy casual look :)

  5. cute as always! what size did u get in the sweatshirt?

  6. I am just going to throw this out there. I read your blog almost every day and when i saw this post with the kitchen i had to let you know that I think you should talk to my hubby. That's what my husband does is design custom kitchens. I know he would love a shot of at least giving you a price.You never know! He might be able to design something that is perfect for the space.
    The business is mountain cabinetry and they are located in heber. I know that's maybe not the most convenient location, but they get a lot of business in utah county and also the salt lake valley. They are very high end and i think you would love working with him! the best part is you wouldn't have to install them! ;)

  7. ikea trips are my favoriteee! but can easily turn to exhausting!
    anddd - i think this is my favorite outfit you've posted -love it!


  8. I love how edgy this look is. Those shoes are awesome!