a walk around the neighborhood


we were watching our friends' cute shih tzu, bell, last week so her and i went for a nice little walk around the block one afternoon. i realized not only how pretty our neighborhood is, but how much prettier it is because spring and summer are truly in bloom! the trees, the flowers, the old trucks and everything in between. even the random, kind of nifty tree that has been growing up a light post for years now that has completely reached the top. 
it's interesting how you can pass by the same things every day but never really take notice to their beauty. sometimes it takes slowing down a little bit and taking it all in.
and sometimes when you do, it looks like this...
apparently there really is a thing about dogs and fire hydrants...


  1. I love pictures like these...I also agree about how you can pas by something all the time, and not really notice it. Some days I catch myself just stopping, and actually realizing what I have been missing!

  2. I love neighborhood walks! The best :)