hawaii bound.


hello lovelies! as i'm sure you all know, we are headed off to the beautiful island of maui today and although you will all be missed, i think a vacation is just what i need right about now! don't you fret though, i have a few posts coming your way throughout the week, just a few random outfits and a few fun photos from this last week that i've got coming your way, so you can still check back in for updates and posts throughout the week, even though i'm gone :)
i also may have a couple of video tutorials if darn blogger will allow me to post them! if not, you're always welcome to visit my youtube page and check out all new videos anytime! 
i will also say that i may not be able to get to emails for about a week, but will do my best as soon as i'm back to answer them all as quickly as possible, but on vacation, my goal is to put my computer away and not touch it for at least 5 of the 7 days, so we'll see how i do! ;) 
i also can't wait to show you all the fab items i am taking to hawaii to get photos of and post! i've got some amazing swim suits from albion fit, tons of beach wear coming from windsor and a few amazing pieces from urban philosophy as well! 
here's a quick outfit before i go- casual, comfy and a little edgy, basically me to a "T"! 
enjoy! and keep up on the posts coming your way! :)

tee w/ leather detail: c/o windsor, jeans: free people (c/o blue linen boutique), shoes: c/o windsor, bag: c/o windsor
sunnies: c/o windsorwatch & bracelet: c/o windsor, bullet necklace: made by yours truly!


  1. Love your outfit! This bag is amazing <3


  2. how can I find your videos on youtube? love your blog lady!

  3. Have fun in Maui! I will be there in late June! Love this outfit I have those same type of wedge sneakers but in black. Keep blogging your a great inspiration!



  4. Awe, hope you have a great time, it's a baby moon:) I just got that tee in the mail two days ago and I adore it! So soft and the length is great, too.

  5. great outfit - i love the sneaker wedges!
    have a great trip!


  6. I hope you have an awesome vacation! Your outfit is so cute :)

    Xo, Kelsey

  7. Love the camo sneakers...you can definitely rock them! Have fun in Hawaii!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  8. Love the sneaker wedges! I'm getting a pair--hopefully I wear them as well as you do! <3