dressed up.


happy friday and hello weekend!
i had quite a few questions on this outfit that i posted on instagram a few days ago when we were at a graduation so i decided to go ahead and give it an official "outfit post". i seem to keep finding amazing neon pieces everywhere i look, so i've decided to run with it and enjoy the trend. so far now i have collected neon tees, skirts, shoes and belts... technically i could do an entire post and look like a complete neon blob but we'll keep from making everyone go blind and avoid that post! for now, i'll just dress up this fab (and amazingly priced!) neon pencil skirt and call it a day.
enjoy your weekend and don't forget to enter the r&e avenue giveaway which closes sunday! 
button down: old navy, neon skirt: target, shoes: c/o windsor, sequin clutch: c/o mindy's marketsunnies: c/o windsor
rings: lolabella & jmr boutique 


  1. This is such a cute outfit! Sophisticated with a pop of gorgeous neon. I love it! You are stunning!!
    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  2. I am not normally a neon person because my skin tone is so light but this is sooo cute!

  3. I’m not even gonna lie… I think the pregnancy thing is a hoax… But if by chance you really are pregnant, you look amazing!!!

  4. Super cute and sophisticated! I love "work" attire that still shows off your personal style. Cannot wait until you style your hobo :)

  5. This outfit is SO cute! I've been eyeing that shirt from old navy.. guess where I'm going this weekend!? ;)


  6. I love love this outfit!!!! what blush, lipcolor and nail polish are you wearing? I MUST KNOW :)

    thank you so much!!!

  7. I literally just bought the same top from Old Navy last weekend... Love it.. you looks great!

  8. Loving the neon! You look super cute and way to rock the tall heels through your pregnancy! I could not live without my heels and wore them all through my son's pregnancy. :)

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  10. perfect, from HEAD TO toe! I must follow your instagram, too!! xo

  11. Like the outfit so much really nice keep posting new photos.

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