hello everyone, meet my new favorite shirt. i loved it enough i bought it in navy as well and feel like between the two of them i could rotate through them and wear them at least a few times a week and hopefully no one would notice! (probably not...) but talk about the comfiest, perfect fitting shirt i've found in a while. the fabric is to die for and the fit is one of those that could flatter any shape. the gingham is so fun and although my hubs calls it my picnic table shirt, he still follows up with how 'hot' i look in it, so all is forgiven ;) 
it's been a perfect 'belly hider' but is loose enough i think i can get away with rocking it for a little bit longer before i'm ready to burst at the buttons... ! it's becoming slightly apparent to me that i'm getting a little antsy for fall because i've noticed myself trying to wear fall-ish outfits lately and am barely getting away with it! this was a perfect outfit for an early dinner at our favorite place to eat- porcupine grill at the base of the canyon, but during some of these crazy hot days if i try to wear things like this the sun laughs in my face and sends me running for anywhere air conditioned. guess i'll stick to skirts and tees a little longer and try to not get too bored! ;)
top: ralph lauren (similar), pants: f21 (splurge, save), shoes: c/o windsor, belt: similarsimilar, clutch: h&m (splurge, save)
sunglasses: ray ban, (splurgesave), watch: michael kors (splurge, save), gold ring: nordstrom (similar, similar)
nail polish: essie, lip color: mac lipglass 'pagoda'


  1. I have an orange gingham that I love! Great pants.


  2. Love your shirt! It looks so comfy!

  3. I love this look, and those shoes are fantastic! I think this would be perfect for the fall (which is always warm in Atlanta anyways)

  4. Love that pose in the first pic. Keep it up girly! xoxo

  5. Love the shoes!
    xoxo - Kate Styled Pretty

  6. I LOVE fall fashion and those awesome shoes! It's much too hot in Texas to even think about wearing pants and long sleeve shirts!

    Radiating Splendor

  7. You look casually stunning! Super cute ;) keep rocking it.


  8. You are SO beyond cute!! I love the wedges, I want some for sure!!!:)
    Courtney Rae

  9. The SHOES! I love your shoes!!! :)

  10. You pull the gingham off so well! And we love Porcupine Grill! Their breakfast and their breakfast potatoes are my fave!