what's in my bag...?


what's in my bag you ask? well, let me show you!
these are a few items that are always with me to make sure i survive daily.
1. sequin clutch: the fabulous little bag that hold all my goodies! (found here and here)
2. shea cashmere: thee best smelling lotion i have ever found (plus, it literally feels like cashmere!) when they go on sale i stock up like the world is ending tomorrow! (found here)
3. body mist: victoria's secret very sexy II- this is hubs' favorite and he can always tell when i wear it!
4. tide pen: mostly needed for hubs and after he eats (when the little one comes i will have two children to take care of! ;) ) but also so very nice to have on hand. always. (found here)
5. extra spearmint: gum. need i say more?! (if you didn't know where to buy this, i would be concerned)
6. chapstick: i always have a few because i like having options :) ...burt's bees and fresh sugar are two of my favorites!
7. a quick spritz: a must have when on the go! you never know when you'll want a little "freshening up"! gucci guilty and viva la juicy are two favorites and give me a day and night option! 
8. hand sanitizer: another necessity when you're out and about! i'm a little bit of a "hand washing" nut and usually have two of these in my bag, but decided to downsize and keep my favorite of the two. this one in particular is bath and body works' oatmeal raisin cookie smell and it literally smells like you just pulled a pan of cookies out of the oven! (love this and this as well!)
9. mac's blot powder: this is the perfect powder for that "halfway through the day makeup" look when you're noticing a little shine. this pressed powder controls oil and reduces the shiny look that your makeup creates after a few hours of wear. mac's "dark" blot powder is my favorite and matches perfectly!
10. spearmint mints: i'm a nut about fresh breath and always keep plenty on hand and in my car
11. lipstick: red and nude are the two colors you will always find in my bag. they are my "go-to" colors and i can always count on these two shades to get me by! (mac's "russian red" & mac's "blankety")
12. lipgloss: alright, i may have enough "lip items" to last a year, but what girl doesn't?! these are three of my favorite colors - mac's "snob", mac's "viva glam nick 2", NARS "spring break"

also, don't forget to tune into abc4's the daily dish TODAY at 11 am if you live here in utah! i will be sharing a favorite day to night makeup look and you won't want to miss it! :)


  1. love all this!
    reminds me a bit of my bag.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks a lot like my bag! Aren't tide pens the best invention ever? I love them!


  3. Couldn't agree more with all your items! I have a VERY similar bag in black. Love sparkle :)


  4. SO fun! Its fun to see other peoples favorite items to give me ideas for new ones!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  5. Thanks for sharing . . . Love it :)