bear lake


just a few photos from our fun labor day weekend at bear lake! we had all sorts of adventures including:
moose sitings (and my brother thinking it would be fun to pull up 10 feet away from a giant moose in a mini van)
wakeboarding and surfing (and hubs taking our little 3 year old fearless nephew on the surfboard)
playing on the beach and in the gorgeous clear blue water (seriously, you'd have thought you were in the caribbean!)
caving and walking 880 steps through the minnetonka cave almost 9 months pregnant (including the "stairway to heaven" which was anything but a "stairway to heaven"!)
and spending some great quality time with my amazing and chaotic family! love you guys and thanks for such a fun weekend getaway!!
(all photos were taken with our iPhones so sorry for the quality!)
such a pretty view from the cabin we stayed in!
this brave little guy had so much fun surfing with "unco kimbo"
this was the best shot we got of everyone on our camera, hubby thought it was fun getting photos of everyone else while they weren't paying attention. luckily we had another camera that hopefully got some better photos of us actually smiling! either way, what a cute family we have!!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend with the family! OMG that moose is huge! I have never seen one in person...

    Happy Friday ;]

    The Parlor Girl

  2. That looks like a great family vacation! The moose is too cute.

  3. So fun! I bet you are enjoying things like this before becoming a momma takes over and makes trips just a bit more hectic! I love that your hubby took pictures when no one was really paying attention; I love doing that too! Sometimes, they come out perfect, as though they were staged to be "candid".

    Xo, Kelsey

    1. Yes! Trying to soak up as much as possible while I can! And the family photos were pretty entertaining!

  4. beautiful pictures!


  5. I LOVE these pics! What a fun trip. You and your man are the cutest!! Xo