mommy style is in full swing with lots of comfy sweaters, loose relaxed pants (and might i mention the comfiest pants around by hatch collection) and flats! i rocked a pair of pretty extreme wedges the other day and i'm sure i looked ridiculous trying to get the stroller and carseat out of my car in 6 inch wedges! don't get me wrong, i'm not giving up on heels anytime soon, but there are definitely days (most likely those that include lots of walking) that my heels just won't be invited! 
yay for the weekend and hopefully everyone has fun plans! ours will most likely be filled with us doing everything we can to get olivia to smile and laugh- because when she does... ahh! words just can't describe how giddy we get and how our faces can barely contain the smiles we have!
sweater: c/o chicnova
pants: c/o hatchcollection
shoes: old navy
jacket: c/o martofchina
necklace: c/o chicnova
bag: celine paris (similar)
nail polish: essie


  1. You definitely look like a mommy here. A stylish one, though! I can just imagine you walking around in super high heels, trying to load and unload baby things. Too funny. Don't break an ankle!

    xo Ashley

  2. You look great. Love this look. Baby smiles are the BEST!

  3. You look fantastic! I love those pants!!!

  4. You look great! I am loving all of the details on baby Olivia. She is so precious!

    Fashionably Kay

  5. You look amazing. Love those pants!