the many faces of liv...


this beautiful little girl has brought more joy and happiness than i think either of us could have ever imagined! she is not only such a great baby but is getting to be SO much fun and interactive! here are a few of liv's accomplishments so far:

-turning every head just about everywhere we go. she even gets random old men to baby talk in the middle of target :)
-sleeping 8 hours or more every. night.! (could you ask for anything more?!)
-laughing, giggling, and making thee cutest little screams you'll ever hear (it's the only time i will dub "screaming" a good thing!)
-loves boxing with grandpa (see video below)
-weighing in at just over 9 lbs. at her 2 1/2 month checkup! she's finally starting to put on a few pounds but is a tall skinny little bugger! sixtieth percentile in height and twentieth in weight.
-still only barely fitting into some newborn clothes! this is great because she hasn't actually grown out of anything yet, but the majority of her clothes still bag and fall off of her! (this is really only frustrating because i want so badly to put her in all the cute things i bought her months ago!)
-loving her daddy more than just about anything, she will goo and gaa for hours in the mornings when he's around! 
-keeping almost all of her hair! people said it wasn't possible, but somehow she's done it! (knock on wood!)

all that and good looks too! she's quite the little charmer! :)
dress & cardigan: target, headband: gift
beatles onesie: similar, jacket: american apparel, leggings: c/o littlecocoabean
striped hoodie: peek (similar, similar), beanie: c/o cherub boutique
 hoodie: american apparel, leggings & headband: c/o luckypalmtree
beanie: h&m, baseball tee: american apparel, leggings: carters
 hoodie: peek (love this), leggings: carters, boots: old navy, headband: c/o luckypalmtree

and here are just a few videos to make you smile...


  1. she's adorable! you guys did good! ;)

  2. She is beyond cute and adorable!! ♥

  3. She is adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I just love these posts of her!! So adorable! :)

  5. She is soo beautiful! May I ask how you are getting her to sleep for 8hrs?? I have a 2mth old little boy (Blake) and I'm lucky if I can get him to sleep for 4hrs! Please share your secret?

  6. Oh that hair!! She is such a beautiful baby! I melted at the photo of the two holding hands! So sweet.