losing the baby weight...


alright friends, today i am answering a few questions/emails that i've been getting for a while now. one of the most popular questions i've gotten is how i got back into shape after having olivia and i've got a few answers for you! aside from good genes (thanks mom!) and keeping up with my workouts up until about 36 weeks i have a few tips for how i lost the baby weight...
first off, i made sure to buy comfy and super cute workout wear so that i would want to work out! i know it sounds stupid, but i am always more excited to hit the gym if i can look cute doing it! thanks to albionfit, i can rock my workout wear from home, to the gym, to running errands and never look frumpy! i'm a huge fan of workout clothes and these are by far my favorites!
now for the good part- one of my favorite workouts! this was actually a workout i found on pinterest a while back and it's one of my favorites because it doesn't require any weights or equipment and i was able to do it at home while liv slept! i was thinking of doing video of me doing the workouts but couldn't keep a straight face, so i'll leave it to the expert- you can find the workouts and videos HERE. it's called the dirty 30 and trust me, you'll feel sweaty and dirty afterwards! along with this workout at home a few times a week i definitely started hitting the gym at my 6-8 week mark and got back into my favorite power flex class that got me lifting weights again and getting a little more cardio into my workouts.

now for all of you that love workout clothes (and come on, what woman doesn't?!) make sure to follow and watch for my instagram giveaway today for a $75 giftcard to albionfit!! you can pick any of these pieces featured or do a little shopping of your own from their amazing selection to kickstart the year right! follow me on instagram - @robynstew8 - for a chance to win this great giveaway!! :)
 top c/o albionfit: HERE
leggings c/o albionfit: HERE
jacket c/o albionfit: HERE
forever 21 shoes: HERE (similar)


  1. Love those workout clothes. Especially the soft colors.


  2. Awesome! I get lazy too often so trying a new workout is fun. Plus your comment about looking cute is so important. I don't want to look like a bum when I put on workout clothes.
    xo, Lee

  3. thanks for sharing! I'm excited to try!! You look incredible!

  4. You go girl! look amazing!! Agree that cute workout clothes help the cause :)


  5. Love this post!!! You look amazing as always!

  6. So glad you like the workout!! And, you look fantastic!! HOw are you feeling?!

  7. You look great! I agree that cute workout clothes make you want to work out. I always get inspired by them!

    Halfway Heroine

  8. You look amazing! I do not believe you actually had a baby so recently.


  9. You are such an inspiration! You are so gorgeous girl! Way to go!
    I love your advice about buying cute workout clothes! It can make such a difference!
    Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration! :)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  10. You look awesome! I can't wait to try the workout. Do you have a favorite water bottle? I'm in desperate need of a new one.

  11. Been a long time 'silent' follower and must say you are a fitness inspiration to all mothers, mothers to be. You look great!

  12. Holy CRAP! Dang girl, your body! Way to go!

  13. I couldn't agree more about looking good/cute while working out! (I can't believe some women still wear regular cotton tees to workout in!) I just wish some workout clothes weren't so expensive (thank you TJ Maxx & Marshalls!)

    Since my gym isn't close to my home, I end up running errands after, and so many people tell me how cute I always look, and you're an inspiration! I hate looking frumpy, and there is no need nowadays with so many cute workout clothes available (I think some moms just give up, no matter what their size). LOVE your workout wear posts!