don't kill my vibe.


we have had a non-stop sickness going around our house this last week or so and i'm about to the point of throwing my hands up in the air because it just. won't. go. away!
i was sick the first of last week and got over it in about two days, but lo and behold, liv had just had her shots and caught whatever i had in a quick hurry. she has had a little croupy cough and runny nose for the last week and then yesterday my hubby turned and looked at me in the car and said "i think i'm getting sick". 
so we're going to try it all. lots of fluids, resting, and even throwing a few doterra oils in to see what we can do about all these pesky little bugs that won't leave our home!
among all the sickness, i was actually able to get a few photos (even with husband not feeling great) yesterday though so we have an outfit post today too! if you know anything about me, i love a good pair of ripped up jeans and these have probably become my favorite! they are great to pair with heels, flats and booties for just about any occasion (minus anything too fancy!) they paired great with my comfy booties, tank and boho statement necklace for this comfy look!
hope you're all having a better (and healthier) week wherever you are! xoxo...
j.crew belt // f21 cuff (similar, similar

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