i'm going to talk about one of my favorite things in the whole world today, my sweet little olivia!
7 1/2 months ago this little blue eyed beauty entered our lives and i know that they will never be the same. she is truly a light and a joy every single day. i could not have asked for a sweeter, cuter or funnier little munchkin and i am so grateful she is ours! i constantly find myself asking how we got so lucky and am almost tempted to quit while we're ahead and be done with one! (kidding- i would never do that to her ;) 
with 7 months down she has:
- pushed through two teeth and is on the verge of getting two more (and i can't get over that two-tooth grin!)
- mastered sitting up and scooting around on her belly to get whatever she needs
- not only found her vocal cords but realized she has a lovely voice and feels the need to sing/squeal constantly at the top of her lungs (she specifically loves to do it in public places)
- got the "rocking" on all fours down and is so close to crawling it's scary
- loves her books so much and loves to turn the pages (and throw them from time to time)

this little monkey still sleeps 12 hours a night, loves her sweet potatoes and bananas and smiles and giggles constantly. she loves spending time with her daddy and lights up when he' s around. i still can't figure out what we did to deserve such a little sweetie but we'll take it! 
ok. bragging ends now. but here are a few photos from the past month! :)
 this is my favorite face i think she's ever made :)
hat: old navy, cardigan: baby gap, shorts: old navy
top: carters, leggings: carters, moccs: quaillane c/o, bow: alittleladyshop c/o
tee: hello apparel c/o, jeans: baby gap, moccs: quail lane c/o, bow: alittleladyshop c/o, ball: piyopiyo c/o
 onesie: carters, bow: alittleladyshop c/o
sweater: peekkids, leggings: littlecocoabean c/o, beanie: littlenuggetrepublic c/o

i tried to link everything i could but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


  1. Omg she is freaking adorable!!! Love her headbands ;)


  2. She is so cute! Our babies are so close in age. Mine was born on the 25th of September. He is doing the same stuff but hasn't master getting on his knees yet. He gets so angry when he can't to the places he wants to get.

    1. Aw that is so fun! I know it's so hard at this stage because you can tell they so badly want to be mobile, but I'm also not rushing the crawling because then I have a feeling I will never stop chasing her around, haha!

  3. She's growing up so fast! She's already such a cute young lady. Glad to read she's doing so well. Hopefully those teeth will push through smoothly too :) xo

    1. Oh I so hope so too! Thank you so much! She is just a ball of joy, I seriously can't get enough of her! (obviously!) :)

  4. Robyn, she really is such a cute sweet baby, with such a fun personality!!!

    1. She is so so much fun! I still want to meet your sweet little Luna, I have a feeling they would be the best of friends ;)

  5. Gah! she is so cute! I love Olivia updates because my son, Major, is about 3 weeks younger than her and it's great to see what's right around the corner for us :)

  6. Se is the cutest little thing ever!! So cute! Love her style too! :)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina