Happy Father's Day!


A little late but better late than never! 

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Daddy! Truly the most loving, caring, kind and giving man I know who is also the biggest teddy bear! I have always had so much respect for my father, not only because of how he raised me to work hard, never expect anything for nothing, and instilled in me my values and love for my Heavenly Father, but because he loved me unconditionally (as stupid of a teenage girl as I was) and made sure I knew that I was loved and was always so special to him. My Dad is the biggest tease and loved taking me hunting and fishing like one of the boys, but always had an extra soft spot for his baby girl and still does to this day! Now, not only do I see the love my Dad has for me, but the amazing love he has for my baby girl. I melt every time he holds and kisses her and tells her how pretty, sweet and perfect she is.
I am your biggest fan Dad, and am so grateful for you and all you do!
Love you!!

Also, a big THANK YOU to NIMA for helping me spoil my Dad for Father's Day! This guy deserves the best so that's exactly what he got- pampered by the babes at NIMA!