How to:



How to get the snow-flurried shots you see above:
Get new camera lens for Christmas from studly husband. 
Wait for it to start snowing...hard. 
Just so happen to be wearing your new favorite outfit.
Get said studly husband to brave the crazy snow and wind to get a few shots.
Walk out into your street and have a great (kind of chilly) time.
 Just for effect.... :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and fun plans for the new year! Make sure to check out all these awesome picks below! XO
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  1. Photos are amazing, you look beautiful in all that snow!
    Happy holidays!!! xo

  2. I love those boots! I just found some boots the other day that aren't too long for my short calves, and love them!

  3. Happy new year 2015 and all the best!!
    Fabulos outfit, I love the scarf. Amazing!!!


  4. Beautiful photos! What kind of sense did you use? And Happy New Year!

    Heidi D.