Goodbye cold weather, Hellooo Mexico!!



Happy Friday and hello new favorite boots! I finally caved and had to get myself a pair of Hunters! I have wanted a pair for a while now and I am soo glad I decided to splurge because I have worn these babies so much lately. They are the perfect mix of practical and chic! I wasn't sure I would be able to style the red ones with that many things initially, but I've surprised myself with how many ways you can wear bright red boots! I can't wait to show you more!

Alsooooo, as of tomorrow we are off to sunny Mexico so I will try and get one or two posts up within the week but due to being busy little travelers lately, I've been a little bit of a slacker! This last week we cruised out of California with my whole family and tomorrow the hubs and I head out for a week vacation minus the babe. I'm a little bit of a nut case thinking about leaving her for a whole week, but a part of me is so excited to have a little getaway, just the two of us. Any tips for a momma leaving her little one for the first time? I'll do my best to hold it together ;)
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  1. Yay for getting to warmer weather! Have fun on your trip! I will just be here waiting to see all the gorgeous things you get to wear.

  2. Gaahhhhh I've been dying for a pair of red hunters!! This post might just make me cave in...

    I'm so so jealous you're going to be in bright and sunny weather tomorrow! Enjoy it! :]

  3. Enjoy Mexico and the alone time! You'll miss her but it will renew your soul:) We're headed to Punta Cana next week, any packing tips?

    Heidi D.