26 Years Young!


As of yesterday I am officially one year closer to 30! Ok, I only turned 26 so I'll try and be a little less dramatic, but that year from 25 to 26 seems more like a jump from my early 20's to "almost" 30. The strangest thing about getting older is that I remember being 18 thinking people in their mid to late twenties were pretty old and "grown up" but I feel less grown up than I probably should! On the other hand, each year getting older has brought so many lessons and experiences and a cute little munchkin into my life, so I will take it with stride and look forward to the years to come! 
Here's a little glimpse of how my day went...

My sweet hubby surprised me with a massage in the morning and some LuluLemon goodies... He pretty much knows the way to my heart <3

On our way to Bruges Waffles & Frites for brunch! 

If you haven't been... GO! ... and get this ˆˆˆˆˆ

I was spoiled all day with hugs and kisses from this cute girl, and honestly, it was the best present anyone could give me!!

One of my favorites, The Copper Onion for dinner! 

Thanks to my amazing hubby and sweet Olivia for making it one of the best birthday's ever!!
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  1. Happy birthday!! those waffles look so delicious!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  2. Happy birthday, gorgeous!!! Enjoy the rest of your 20's!! I just hit 30 last year...eek! lol


  3. Happy birthday Robyn! Looks like a great day:)


  4. That picture of you and your little girl! So cute!