Boyfriends & Backpacks


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Let's talk about one of my favorite outfits, 'cause you're looking right at it! I found these amazing sweatshirt tee's at Sincerely Jules' shop and I. Can't. Get. Enough! I bought all three colors and I wear them constantly! Also, if you follow my instagram account you know that I've been a little obsessed with these fab shoes. I have been looking for a pretty pair of grey heels and almost dropped a pretty penny on some beautiful Manolo's but decided I'd do a little looking before I did, and I'm so glad I waited! These beauties fell right into my lap, and on sale!! Last, but most definitely not least this. bag. It's truly the best "Mommy-friendly" bag I've found in a while. The backpack option is so great for not having to juggle a baby, a sippy cup AND a purse. I throw it on and am hands free, but at the same time can use it as a tote or an over the shoulder bag as well, so I feel like I don't have to look like a college student when I go out for a nice dinner ;) Such a must for all the chic mommy's out there! You know I'm looking out for you! XO
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  1. Both the jeans and the backpack are fantastic! Great outfit :)


  2. Great Outfit! I have been on the hunt for a nice backpack, the hunt is over! haha

  3. Love this slouchy look! Super comfy and still right on point.


  4. Your hair looks fantastic!