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Oh hey there! Does it feel like it's been a while? Maybe that's because I've been a little MIA on the blogfront lately! Between spur of the moment road trips for a family reunion over Memorial Day weekend and then keeping up with our crazy busy little family and preparing for Girl's Camp on top of it all, it's been trickier to find the time to sit down and write! I almost miss it a little and am hoping you haven't given up on me ;)
It's also ben a while since I've been able to get an outfit post up so today is the day that I debut my messy mom hair and comfy clothes. Jaw-droppingily amazing, I know. But really, this has been life as of late. Comfy pants, comfy tees, and well... comfy shoes! At the end of the day, I've realized as much as I truly love being fabulously fashionable, the mom life doesn't allow as many opportunities to wear my Louboutin's and lace gowns as I may have originally thought (Ok, I never actually thought that) but you see what I'm saying. 
So here's what we're going to call "Mom Chic". You can still dress cute, be comfy AND chase an almost two year old (yes! almost two year old, ahh!) around the house playing tag and hot potato (well, our version of hot potato where she drops her Mr. Potato Head from the top of the stairs and I try not to let it hit me... it's super fun)...

Long story short. How are you guys?! What's new with you? I feel like I need to get back in the game and get a little more acquainted with my readers again! 
Thanks for following!!
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  1. Army green and blue denim is one of my favorite go-to combos :)


  2. Love this! Such a great casual look and what a fun tee!


  3. Hi! Glad you're back, I was wondering where you were! :) I really like your outfit, more than Louboutin's and lace gowns actually :) x

  4. Gorgeous handbag!! I've had my eye on this beauty for a hot minute!!

  5. I love your casual style! That bucket bag is so unique!

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