Here Kitty Kitty...


In the spirit of Halloween this week I figured a costume post was pretty mandatory!
I had actually bought these cute little kitty accessories for Olivia as a second option costume because she was originally going to be Ana from Frozen, however, the second I tried her dress on at home she broke down crying and refused to wear it! But when I told her she would be a kitty she ran around saying "kiee cat" and wouldn't stop wearing the ears, so it's a good thing I had a backup! She's all about this dressing up thing and I'm thinking these cat ears won't be going in the costume box anytime soon! 
To be honest, I didn't originally plan on us being all matchy matchy, but it's kind of cute to have a little shadow and I've loved being able to dress her up and match from time to time!
I hope you all have fun ideas for Halloween! Enjoy pictures of this cute little kitty and her forced smile. Don't ask.


MAC Eyeshadows "Sketch, Embark, Orb & Black Tied" (I also love THIS palette// NARS Eyeliner Pencil

Olivia's Costume: Top // Leggings // Similar Boots // Kitty Accessories
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  1. Wow, such adorable mom and cute girls, I love this outfits, absolutely amazing. Thank you for sgaring, you both look awesome!!!