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Ok guys, I am FINALLY allowed to talk about this amazing shoot I did with Prime Transformation over a month ago! This was such a cool opportunity to be featured as the "runner" in this promo video for their site and program, and although I may not be the most incredible runner they could have chose, I do love it and loved getting up at 5 AM, heading downtown and watching the sunrise as I ran through the avenues and around downtown. I have loved working with Prime Transformation and love the programs they offer. I will actually be starting one of their twelve week programs starting soon and canNOT wait to get started! Here is a little bit about the program:
The program is broken down into weeks of four (twelve weeks recommended for best results). During these four-twelve weeks you work with a personal certified training coach weekly one-on-one for consultations to find the best results and what works for YOU! The best part about this coaching is that they are done online or over the phone! This is perfect for anyone like me that may struggle making it to an appt every week at the same time, because with little ones, you never know if Tuesday is going to be a meltdown day and I hate having to reschedule things! So being able to do it over the phone is a big plus for me! 
Each week you will receive PRIME education on nutrition, lifestyle, and the proper supplementation. Your sessions last about 20-30 minutes and cover topics such as glucose management, insulin, proteins, carbohydrates, meal planning, emotional eating, sleep, etc. Each session your coach will commit you to follow a new set of nutrition/lifestyle principals which always seem to encourage me when I know I will be having to check in each week and report on how I did over the week. 
Along with the amazing weekly coaching sessions, you will receive the Prime Guide book and ALL the supplements you need for those four weeks-twelve weeks that you've signed up for! The supplements include a 1-week cleanse and weekly supplies of Matcha Green Tea (a natural energy supplement), Complete (breakfast meal replacement), and Balance (carb blocker) as well as a Prime blender bottle and a Prime measuring tape. At the end of the day, the reason this program made me want to work with them and actually do the program myself is because I know that working out is only about 15% of the changes I actually see with my body. The majority of changes, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally come from the way I eat and the changes I make in my diet. I love that they focus so heavily on making these types of changes so that you are able to continue using their tips and advice for years to come after you're finished with the program.

Now that you've heard me blab about this awesome program, you want to know how much it is, right?! It's actually really affordable and including all the supplements you are getting it is such a great way to go! Normally a four week package costs $275, BUT because Prime loves my readers, they want to offer an awesome deal through October when you use the code 
for 20% OFF of your package deal! This brings the price down to only $220 for your first four weeks, which is so worth trying it to start making a difference in your life for the better!
Just head to this link HERE and enter the code ROBYN20 to get this amazing deal!
I can't wait to start my health journey with Prime and blog about it as I go, I hope you will all join me!!

Also, make sure to check out this awesome promo video! The videographers & photographers do a pretty amazing job! Thanks Prime!!

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And for those of you wondering what I was wearing in the photos above, here are links to some of my favorite workout pieces from the shoot:

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