Wishin' for the weekend… and this is what I'll wear for it!


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A few favorites this week that I had to share! A few of these lovelies are things I've actually already purchased and already LOVE! Like this Free People Flannel - let's be honest, if you have seen a cuter flannel, raise your hand. Ok, I can't see you, but either way I doubt any of you are actually doing it because this is hands down the cutest one I've seen! I also had to get these ridiculously cute fringe booties! I mean… come on! I don't think I have to explain why I bought these booties :)
The rest are on hold or waiting for purchase, especially these gorgeous wrap heels and pineapple phone case! So many favorites, so little time (and money!) 
Make sure to check out more favorites below, happy shopping!! XO
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