Prime Transformation Program…Two weeks in!


Alright friends, I know I have posted these photos and mentioned Prime Transformation's program previously, but I am so excited today to actually tell you MY experience doing this program! I have loved working with Prime Transformation and doing the shoots/videos, but the more I would work with them, the more interested I was in the program itself. 
So, what is so great about Prime Transformation you ask?!

So SO much!!

I am now starting week three of the first month program and I am pretty impressed with my results so far. So let's dive right in, here's what's gone down the last two weeks:

I received a package in the mail a few days before starting the program. The package included all of the items above - 4 cans of Complete, 4 boxes of Balance, 4 boxes of Matcha, a shaker bottle, measuring tape, and a guide that has a three month calendar to journal about your eating  as well as track your progress and measurements. This guide also has a few great recipes and a whole breakdown of what the program is as well as your eating guide and breakdown of what foods you should and shouldn't eat on the program. I LOVE the guide and turn to it often when making my grocery list for the week - it's a life saver! (Plus, check out who made it into the book in the picture above! :))
To sum up this program, it's basically focused around healthy eating (obvi, right?!) and exercise, and only THREE meals a day with absolutely NO snacking in between. They call it the 4-4-12 where you go four hours between your breakfast-lunch, lunch-dinner and then twelve hours between dinner and breakfast. It's harder than I thought, but absolutely doable!

So a little bit about the supplements/products they send as part of the program -
Complete is your breakfast meal replacement each morning. It's got enough protein and calories to get you through until your next meal, as well as providing you with the amount of vitamins you need for your daily recommended intake! I use mostly water and a small part Unsweetened Almond Milk to give it a little more flavor and I actually really love it! 
Balance is what you drink 15 minutes before lunch and dinner and is meant to help reduce the impact of the carbs you do eat 20-30% as to avoid them being stored in the wrong way! (Amazing, right?!)
Matcha is a green tea that increases energy and alertness and is an option if you do need a snack in between meals (which I often do!) It has totally replaced my caffeine cravings and helps me get more water throughout the day (and actually tastes really good!)

Finally, let's talk about the coaching. 
This is probably my favorite part about the whole program! Yes, the supplements are awesome and actually taste good and help a lot, but the coaching has been the one thing that set apart this program from any others I've tried before! You have weekly calls with your trained and certified coach that last about 20-30 min. They go over how your last week went and then discuss things to work on for the next week. I've realized that this was a game changer for me. When I knew I had to report and be accountable for my previous week, I realized I didn't want to have to report that I sucked it up and cheated a bunch, so I was so much more aware of making sure I stuck with it! 
It truly made enough difference that I've seen real results! Along with weekly workouts (usually 3-4 times/week) I've already seen a half inch drop in my waist line and a quarter inch in my hips/thighs. This may not sound like a lot, but I can tell you it's more than you'd think! The biggest difference is how I FEEL! I have cut out soda completely and although I still enjoy my sweets during cheat meals (and maybe cheating a time or two during Halloween) I have gone from sweets everyday to only a couple times a week and little to no breads. I can't begin to tell you the difference I've seen in just cutting out soda alone. It's amazing to me what doing right for your body will do for your mind and emotional health as well! I am only halfway through but I can't what to fill you in on how the next couple of weeks go! 

If you have any questions, refer to Prime's amazing site that gives lots of info HERE, as well as the Coaching info HERE

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