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Alright guys, with only a few weeks left, it is definitely time to crack down and get those last few Christmas items headed your way before it gets too late! There is still plenty of time to get everything ordered and shipped with plenty of time to wrap all your goodies! Here are a few of my favorite items that I had to share that I think are great options for all the special people in your life!

1. FRENDS Headphones: For her, for him, for just about anyone on your list because these are the coolest headphones on the market! These sleek and chic headphones are a must-have and no matter who you give them to, you know they will LOVE them!!

2. Polaroid Mobile Zip Printer: Such an awesome idea for a close friend, sister or even Momma! These quick mobile printers can link straight to your phone and when you get just the right snap, you print it right out so you can take it home and frame it! I love that technology has come to this quick, easy, 'have it now' stage. So convenient and such a great gift!! 

3. Smartphone Projector Kit: Another awesome option for anyone on your list, but something I could see my man or Dad loving! I actually snagged one of these for myself to test it out and they are pretty incredible for such a inexpensive price! (Under $35!)

4. FujiFilm Instantmix Instant Film Camera: Basically the cutest polaroid camera (which comes in a few other super cute colors too!) that every girl needs to have, whether it's for props, for fun, planning a fun girl's night or for taking photos at a wedding that you just want to remember forever….ok, or maybe just Friday night! This is a must and not only a teenage girls' dream, but my 26 year-old dream gift too!

5. Swagway: The one and only. The gift of the year, so it had to be included! I have been eyeing these awesome little swaggeriffic segways for a while now, and there is no perfect time than Christmas to surprise my hubby with one of these bad boys. They are so fun to cruise around on and are something both your hubby/kids will love, but you may also end up enjoying as well! (THIS and THIS one are awesome too, and a little less expensive!)

6. Diptyque Scented Candles: If you've ever smelled these lovelies, then you know any person you give them to will thank you for life. They are so yummy and the PERFECT gift for a close friend or girlfriend of any kind! Also, a great idea for a neighbor gift! 

7. Kate Spade Coffee Mug: For all your cute girlfriends, sisters, sister-in-law's that you're not 100% sure what they want, this is always a go to!! You can never go wrong with something that says "Kate Spade" on it and when it's this cute, everyone will be doing their "Ooooh, my gosh! This is sooo cute!!" all over the place! So hey, you win :)

8. Drone: Every man's dream toy. For big boys and little boys, you can practically plan on both your hubby and little ones being entertained for the rest of the day…or week! 

9. Madewell Slippers: Because at the end of the day, who doesn't love a soft, cozy pair of slippers. These could go either way for the guy in your life or for a friend or family member. I've gotten slippers every year for the past three or four years and I love every. single. pair! I never get sick of them! (These ones are SO comfy!!)

10. Waterproof Speaker: A great gift for your Lake Powell/pool lovers like our family where you want to keep the party going and music blaring without having to stress about whether or not your speaker gets splashed on. It's such a great idea and may just have to get one of my hubs so I can use it as well ;) 

No matter what you get them, they will love it. But let's be honest, if it's anything as cool as these items on the list, it's a sure fire score on your end! 
Happpy Shopping!! XOXO
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