New Year, Same Me… But it's still exciting!!


The title gives you the gist… 
I feel like each new year that rolls around we are all made to feel like there needs to be some sort of big change in ourselves or in our lives… like the year before wasn't as great, but we've got to be ready for this next one! I do feel like each new year is fresh, liberating, clean and exciting and there is always a feeling of hope for what's to come with a new year, however, I am pretty in love with where I am in life and what's been going on, so as far as change goes, I'm not really looking to change a whole lot.
Improvement… now that's the right word for it! There is always room for improvement and for bettering ourselves, right?! So I'm going to look on to this new year in 2016 as a year to only better myself, my family and all the things I am involved in! So as far as my "2016 Improvement Goals" (aka, New Year's Resolutions ;)) go, here are a few things I am looking forward to with a new year:

1. Being present, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.
Let's be honest, we are all SO guilty of checking our phones or downright staring at them while we are out at dinner with our spouse or friends/family- constantly checking our instamatwitters and whatnot and not always being in the moment. I know I am 100% guilty of this and it's something I desperately want to rid from my life. The unnecessary "stuff" that takes over our lives is becoming more and more apparent every day and it really dawned on me the other day when I realized my two year old was able to use an iPhone better than most grown adults. She sees us doing it and mimics us like a little parrot! It's a little scary and it's not something I want her to grow up thinking is normal so it's something I am going to be extra conscious of. I also constantly see couples sitting at dinner together and not even talking because they're both staring at phone screens, I've realized my hubby and I will do this at times and it's another reason to rid ourselves of the phones and gadgets and spend as much precious time as we can focused on each other and not what our random neighbor friends is up to on Facebook!

2. Don't sweat the little things.
Much easier said than done. I am quickly learning with motherhood that the unimportant things are usually put off for another day, because today we only worry about the most important things! Constantly picking up my house and making sure it's 100% spotless all the time went out the window a long time ago… ain't nobody got time for that!! Especially if that somebody has a two year old that rips everything apart two minutes after it's cleaned up. This also goes for gossip, negativity, and applies to so many parts of my life. Not letting the small, minuscule things in life rule my life is something I am working on daily. 

3. Strengthening my body, soul and spirit.
There are so many things I would love to accomplish this year. I would love to travel to a spiritual country like Bali or India and learn all about the culture and the people. I would love to become more outdoorsy this summer and start hiking more and become a little closer to nature. I want to focus on myself and making sure I am taken care of, so I can take better care of my family and loved ones and be able to give all that I can to them. Taking the time to go to the gym a few days each week, having my daily prayers and scripture study are a few ways I know I am able to do that. I love my "me time" and want to continue doing the things that I have been this last year into the next year! 

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and working on yourself, and for that reason I love embracing a new year! As you can tell, things are a little "new" around here too! I have been doing a little upgrading this last week (partially my reason for being MIA all week) and I am also so excited to see what a new year brings for my blog! I am even more excited to be sharing it with all of you so thank you for coming along on this journey with me!! 
Happy New Year ya'll!! XOXO 
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