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So let's talk hair for a minute, because if there's anything I'm a little crazy about it, it's my hair! I'm always on the hunt for the best products for my hair to keep it full and keep the length from looking scraggly and unhealthy! Especially when I'm constantly treating my hair and abusing it the way I do with hair dye!
So when I got an email one day about a sweet follower of my blog saying that she had a product she just knew I would love, I had to at least try it! I started using this incredible hair care line Monat in January (I wanted to make sure it really worked and that I loved it before reviewing and telling you all about it!) and within TWO weeks I noticed a difference in my hair! Two weeks! I immediately noticed less hair falling out than usual, and because I have so much, I am constantly losing hair all over my house, trust me, my husband hates it! But I noticed a huge difference in the thickness and strength of my hair. I feel like as soon as I went from blonde to all dark my hair was in survival mode, I had been bleaching it and breaking it so much that it was almost a little straw like. Going dark helped, but I needed some serious products to kick in and do a little extra work! I have been rotating the Renew & Revive Shampoos each wash and using the Replenish Masque after every wash for about four months now, and I can't tell you how big of a difference it has made with my hair! It went from feeling dead and scraggly and ends breaking off all over the place, to full, healthy and rich again! The Replenish Masque may be my favorite product because I feel like it continually works throughout the week in between washes because it stays on my hair and doesn't get washed out. 
Ah, you guys, I can't tell you enough! It has been a little bit heaven sent at a time when I was really nervous I may have to chop off a good amount of hair and start over. I love my long hair and haven't been ready to cut it off yet, but there was a point I thought it may have to happen with how rough it was looking. You can find more about the science and how it works about these products HERE and can contact Jenny Sanzo (who I thank dearly for saving my hair!) to order any of these products HERE! I'm sure she would be happy to recommend any other products that may work best for your hair because the girl knows her stuff!

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