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Ahh, pregnancy. I've been so wrapped up in talking about all the drama of the past few months that I really haven't gotten a chance to talk the fun (and not-so-fun) things about twin pregnancy thus far!
First of all, it's hard to ever complain about this pregnancy since I am continually grateful every day that I continue to be pregnant and carry these sweet babies to a safe term and know we are incredibly blessed that we are even at this point with two tender little heartbeats, BUT… that doesn't mean that it has all been rainbows and roses. Carrying twins has been a night and day experience compared to my single pregnancy with a tiny little baby girl. These two kiddos have been anything but easy thus far, including extra aches, pains and some serious weight gain that is definitely tricky at times. 
My first pregnancy, I never bought a pair of maternity pants, just bought belly bands and extenders to allow a little extra room, but this time around the idea of squeezing into a pair of my non-maternity jeans almost makes me laugh out loud because it's basically a joke. Fortunately, I've found a few cute maternity companies like Seraphine where I scored this darling white denim skirt! It has been a saving grace for hot summer days and pairs so cute with so many things! 
So, aside from not fitting into any of my clothes, being on modified bed rest, feeling like a beached whale at times and being unable to get myself up off the couch gracefully, there have been a few positives to carrying these two little miracle babies. There is truly no feeling in the world like having a baby move and kick inside of you, now times that by two! It is pretty indescribable, especially when I know every one of those little kicks and jabs is a sign that they are there and continuing to grow and get stronger! I've also been starting to have fun buying a few twin things here and there and I never thought I would have so much fun doing the whole "twin matchy-matchy" thing with outfits, but every time I see a baby item that I die over, I remember that I get to buy two and that somehow makes it double as cute! 
I recently was on the lookout for a new diaper bag, as much as I loved my last one, it got pretty hammered, (even with only one kiddo!) so it was time to keep my eye out for another one. I also wanted to find a backpack option, since I have a feeling I will seriously have my hands full! After looking through the options that The Baby Cubby had to offer, I fell in love with this JJ Cole backpack. The best part is that The Baby Cubby actually offers a Diaper Bag Buying Guide that outlines the things to look for when you're buying your diaper bag and recommends a few that may work best for you and your lifestyle! It is such a handy resources if you're not sure exactly what you want or which diaper bag will provide the space and options you need! If you are in the market, make sure to check out all their options as well as their Diaper Bag Buying Guide

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  1. ohhhh I'm on the lookout for a new diaper bag (I've always been a fan of back pack ones) I'll have to add this one to the list
    You look so stinkin' adorable!