I left my heart in San Francisco


28 years young and loving every minute of it! I'm finally getting a chance to post a few photos from my birthday getaway to San Francisco! 

My hubby has made it a thing to plan a weekend getaway to a new city in Cali for my birthday, and it's a tradition I won't complain about! Last year was San Diego, two years ago we hit Venice/Santa Monica, and almost three years ago we were in Santa Barbara for a work/birthday trip and got to take Livi with us. It has become one of my favorite things to look forward to and we love getting away for a fun weekend of fun in the sun!

San Francisco was nothing less than what I dreamed it would be! I always see photos of San Fran and have always wanted to visit, but it exceeded my expectations with its charm, sights and incredible food! Not to mention, I got one of the best glute exercises of my life walking up and down those insane mountains they call streets!

So here's a little recap of our trip:
Saturday afternoon we flew out immediately after my event with the Grand Opening of the Macy's at Fashion Place Mall. We got there just in time to freshen up and hit dinner. We went to an incredible steakhouse called Morton's and kicked off the trip right! 
Sunday we relaxed a little in the morning but didn't want to miss out on anything so we decided to begin the sightseeing. We hit Mama's for breakfast (which was highly recommended by many people) and had the best Monte Cristo sandwich I've ever had. Then we headed to Coit Tower to look out over the whole city (the panoramic below is the beautiful view we had from the tower.) We decided after gazing at the bridge in the distance that it was as good a day as any to see it! So we made our way to the bridge, hitting the Wharf to snag a bread bowl and clam chowder on the way and seeing some pretty entertaining street performers! To fully appreciate the bridge, we walked across and took it all in. How incredible is it that it was made almost 100 years ago with little to none of the technology that we have now?! Mindblowing.
That night we had some yummy Mexican food and found a fun little underground stand up comedy show before crashing out from an eventful day.

Monday we packed in all our last "must sees" including the painted ladies, the Full House house, Lombard Street, and Alcatraz. We walked up and down, up and down, and then up and down once more. I loved seeing all the history San Fran had to offer! Alcatraz was especially interesting and we spent a lot of the afternoon wandering the island and taking it all in!
We ate at my favorite breakfast place from the trip, Sweet Maple and had bacon that ruined bacon for me forever. I kid you not. This stuff was like steak thick, soaked in brown sugar, maple syrup and who knows whatever other goodness. Super healthy. Super awesome.
After a long day of sightseeing we were of course hungry (again) and found a quaint little hidden gem called The House in the little Italy area. After dinner we headed to the Top of the Mark to view the city at night and enjoyed our last night sans kiddos. 

Tuesday morning before our flight we walked around Union Square, took a quick ride on the Trolley car, enjoyed some delish pastries at Tartine Bakery, and walked around Little Italy and Chinatown hitting The Stinking Rose for lunch before heading to the airport.

Needless to say, we don't mess around on our weekend getaways and we take advantage of every minute! I've realized that there is so much to see in the world and we are only getting started! A huge thanks to my sweet hubby for making it such a fun birthday weekend!

Here are a few fun photos from our trip and I've tried to link any outfit details!
Madewell Tee // Hudson Jeans // Nikes (On sale!) // Adidas Sweater // Windsor Bag // Sunnies // Hat
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