how we wore: week 2!


aaaaand it's monday again! woo-hoo!
we have a new addition to our monday "how we wore it" team
miss lisa from momma's me time is now adding to our monday awesomeness!

i don't know about you, but i jumped on the colored denim train 
as soon as it pulled into town!
i'm a sucker for colored anything though so when it was actually considered "cool" to wear bright yellow and royal blue jeans, i was first in line.... 
literally, at the checkout!
to say the least, i've got every color of the rainbow, and then some!

today i kept it safe with a darker red. although purple, green, orange and pink can be fun- red is definitely the most versatile.
they work with so many colors and can be easily dressed up or down.
if you don't do a lot of color or like to play it safe when dabbling into the skinny colored jeans world- red is an easy starter!

grey sweater: h&m, leopard blouse: f21 (similar), jeans: tj maxx (lighterdarker)
belt: thrifted, boots: madden girl (very similar)

let me know what you think or how you wore your colored jeans below-
and remember to check out how leigh anne and lisa wore it too!


  1. Love the pops of leopard in this look!

  2. Love this outfit. Perfect for fall. Love the leopard and the color of the jeans

    xo Emily

  3. I love, love, love colored jeans! I think I own about 10 pair now. ;) I love the new edition of "how we wore it" team! Let me know if you ever need another guest. =) xoxo

  4. I adore coloured jeans, I've got 3 colours (blue, green and red) and they're just the right combination for my wardrobe. I would love a mustard colour or a deep purple but ya know, the ol' budget gets in the way. :P

  5. Oh yes!!! Love colored denim. Loving all your cute outfits!

  6. Hi there ! I am a new follower of your blog and i gotta say, I love it ! i absolutely adore your style. oh and I'm so jealous of your hair !! :-)) keep going. xoxo from France

  7. Lovin the rust pair, perfect fall color!

  8. I love everything about this outfit!! Your style is just so flawless!


  9. Those boots! I love them!! Cute outfit!! Just found your blog! love it :)


  10. Just found your blog, love your style!

  11. you are so cute!! and I LOVE your hair - it's beautiful!

  12. I know you have a link for boots similar but do you know a link for the exact ones? I have been looking for these boots everywhere and the ones in the link have a red zipper

  13. I have been looking for boots with back zippers...can you tell me brand?