what happens in vegas... goes on the blog!


ahhh, vegas...
always entertaining. even though as an old, lds married couple that doesn't
drink, gamble, see half the shows in vegas, or usually stay up past midnight...
we still always seem to have a pretty good time!
however, this trip ended up being a little quicker than expected-
driving in at 1:30 am thursday night/friday morning
checked into the luxor (definitely recommended!)
hubby got up early for the auto auction 
i laid around and lounged at the pool (rough life, i know)
then we met up at 1, ate lunch, did some quick shopping
and decided to head back home due to some unexpected information
we received about our house... (no worries, all should be ok)
and got home this morning around 2 am.
oh well. a day in vegas is better than no days in vegas! 
worst case scenario, we got some killer pictures. 

white t: lucky brand (similar), boyfriend jeans: joes jeans- the ex-lover (similarsimilar)
sandals: ross (only place i could find them!), fedora: f21 (similar), sunnies: f21 aviators (similar)

worst thing that could happen, happened while walking the strip- 
my shoe broke!
i obviously went to find the comfiest pair possible to replace them... ha!

oh, and this lovely picture was taken in the bathroom at one of our quick stops in cedar city. i'll tell you what, you know it's a classy joint when you can get condoms for 75 cents in the women's bathroom! gol.


  1. Well, it certainly looks like you had an ... interesting ... time! :)

    You looked fabulous, as always!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Love the outfit!!

    xo Emily