date night & braid tutorial


ah yes, date nights. my favorite. the ones where husband says, "date night tonight, it's a surprise and i'm choosing!"... those are the good ones. some of the best in fact. hubs' surprises are always something to look forward to, especially on random wednesday nights! this was nothing less than the norm- he surprised me and took me to city creek and we ate at blue lemon. the food was pretty fantastic and i realized after i had already dug in that i wanted a picture to show how pretty it was... so don't mind the few bites that escaped the plate early. 
these are a few of our glamour shots from our date. our children are so lucky to look like us. (sarcasm.)

i also posted a photo on instagram with my hair done like this....

and got quite a few questions on how i did it. so here you go! ask and you shall receive :)
just a quick tutorial on how i do my fishtail braid. 


  1. Cute! Impromptu dates are the best. Love the brais. xo Heidi

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I have always wanted to try it, but none of the other videos made sense. Looks so cute! I'll have to practice mine though ;)


  3. Your hair is gorgeous!! :)


  4. Alright, I knew I liked you already just from your posts, but that tutorial where I got to see you "in person" made me like you even more! You are seriously the sweetest!

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I also have really thick hair and never bothered trying because other tutorials have made it look tricky. This is great and your hair is gorgeous! -April

  6. Can you do a hobo braid tutorial?

  7. I love your glasses! What brand/style number are they?