the awkward's & awesome's of pregnancy thus far...


yes, i know a million other bloggers have done the "awkward/awesome" thing, but to be honest, it really is the best way to explain some of the things i've been feeling... :)
i am 17 weeks as of today (or tomorrow depending on which pregnancy app i go off of) and although there is still lots of fun in store, there are definitely a few awkward's so far...

-let's just go ahead and say it, my body. although i may not look preggo yet, i'm definitely feeling different. i've realized that 7 extra pounds is quite a bit extra to be carrying around and have already noticed it's getting slightly less comfortable. 
-i still feel like i get a "look" every once in a while (mostly after eating lunch or dinner because that's when the belly loves to come out to play) and i can tell someone is trying to decide whether i'm pregnant or not. i'm about ready to buy one of those shirts i see on pinterest that say "there's a baby in here, not an extra meal!"
-the fact that i think this little girl is dancing on my pelvic bone. she doesn't even seem to mind that it's slightly uncomfortable for me. i sure hope she's enjoying herself in there...
-my sleeping situation. it's starting to get slightly awkward. let's just say, pillows in front, pillows behind, pillows in-between... and no room for hubs. 
-how off balance i feel. is it normal, or am i crazy?! i went to bend over the other day and about fell face first and yoga has gotten slightly interesting. my warrior three makes me look like a rookie these days. darn you gravity. 

-the fact that i am making a human right now. pretty amazing if you ask me.
-the pregnancy glow is real! husband did a double take of me yesterday and told me i was definitely "glowing"
-while we're on that- husband. he is awesome. that boy makes sure to let me know every single day how beautiful i am and much he loves me and our baby girl. he is going to be thee best dad and it makes my day. every day.
-starting to feel her move. i haven't experience an "obvious" kick or punch yet, but if i'm being really still, or at night before bed, every once in a while i will feel her "flutter" or "poke" me quickly and i get as giddy as a little schoolgirl.
-the fact that i can love this little one so much and never have even met her. i never thought i could love anyone as much as hubs until this little one came into our lives. we are nothing less than smitten. 

and although still not showing off a bump yet- here is one of my favorite ourfits for the week! 
striped shirt: c/o blue linen boutique, pants: c/o heavenly couture, oxfords: c/o winsome jones, necklace: c/o windsor
watch: c/o windsor, rings: f21, bag: c/o windsor, sunnies: target


  1. Cute outfit! Love reading your awkward and awesomes! :-)

  2. Oh so great! So amazing!

  3. This was ALL just awesome!!!! You are adorable and I'm so excited for you two:)


  4. You should try a body pillow I have one and its life changing when pregnant they really do help! I love this outfit!!

  5. Such a fun awkward & awesome! Also, that outfit is adorable. definitely going to look up all the pieces haha. I'm way excited for you~

  6. everyone is just looking at you because you're so adorable!

  7. I freaking LOVE the stripes with the mustard yellow. I have mustard yellow pants and they are one of my favorite things in my closet!

    Excited about your pregnancy I love the fun updates!

  8. I love everything about this outfit! Those oxfords are so cute!