blue eyed business


soo apparently i have blue eyes.
they always decide to show up and play when i wear bright blue colors
so hello blue eyes and thanks pops, for some killer genetics

now lets talk about this skirt- oh how i love this skirt!
this flowy, beautifully colored, pleated wonderment that fits like a dream
thank you urban outfitters. you done good.

scarf: forever21, striped t: h&m, pleated skirt: urban outfitters, gypsy bracelet: f21
shoes (although not visible): alloy

the best part about this outfit is that it goes from dressy to casual 
in one quick step!
gotta love a quick, easy change...


green pants: h&m, sandals: charles albert (tj maxx)

oh, and kimball had a little more modeling left in him
he is quite talented and has some serious style!


  1. I love your style and you have great hair! Have you considered posting how you do your waves? I am horrible at hair and need a little help!!!

    1. Aw thank you! I have! It should be coming sometime soon!