here's to the weekend...


halfway through my day today, i realized it's friday...
and everything got just a little better.
weekends always seem to bring a different kind of happiness
one that lasts for about...oh...two days?
but then returns again in about five more days
i am particularly happy about this weekend because we are packing up and making the long, tedious drive to roosevelt (alright, that was a slight dramatization of the 2 hour drive and one night stay that it actually entails, but still) 
and spending some quality time with the earl's. hooray!
i am especially excited to see my little munchkins and can almost guarantee i will overload the blog with all the pictures i take of their ridiculously cute faces!! 
so here's to the weekend...
i hope yours is as spectacular as i am intending mine to be!

striped t: h&m, rust jeans: f21, belt: betsy johnson (tj maxx), shoes: alloy, 
sunnies: ray ban, watch: windsor, earrings: f21 & necklaces: jmr


  1. I am assuming you mean Roosevelt, UT. I actually met someone from there last summer. Tyler Hatch? Crazy small world if you know him. Love your style! :)

    1. Brett-
      Yes! Roosevelt is my tiny hometown and YES! I actually do know Tyler, haha. What a small world. Where did you meet him at?!

    2. He sold alarm systems for Vivint in Atlanta, Georgia and I met him one Sunday at the singles ward. Such an amazing voice!

  2. Hi Robyn =) I just started following your blog a few days ago. You're so gorgeous!! I can't wait to read through some older posts. I can already tell you are going to have an impact on my fashion choices. Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I'm already enjoying your posts! -Lauren