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hmmm, what do i have to say about thursday..?

thursday is the day i only work a half day, and don't see any actual people
hence, i dress how i want 
which usually equals comfy clothes  and converse.

i also made the decision today that i do not have "a style"
...that i literally will wear anything.
put me in heels, fancy pants (don't ask me what those might be), a super nice blouse, cardigan, and a cute clutch and i'll rock it.
i'll throw in a little boho-chic from time to time with a maxi skirt, hippy hair, long dangly gypsy necklaces and bracelets...
then throw me a t-shirt and jeans and i'll own it like i stole it. 
i've decided clothes are like music to me. i just can't get enough.
i love all eras, styles, prints, patterns, colors and honestly look forward to the next day when i get to get up, be a big girl, and dress myself again!

so here's to jeans and a t
nothin' fancy or even "pinterest-esque" 
but definitely a favorite.


striped t: old navy, plaid shirt: nordstrom (old), boyfriend jeans: joes jeans- the ex-lover
shoes: converse, watch & spike ring: windsor, other rings: f21
necklace: bulletproof- made by yours truly!

oh, and while i'm on that- start following the blog for the chance to win free stuff!
cuz seriously, who doesn't like free stuff?!
i'll be having a giveaway for one of my bullet necklaces coming up soon so start following and check back for the chance to win!

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