sunday FUNday


hey zack, smile! aaand there ya go..

mom & pops
the two most amazing people i know...

boys on bikes
some a little less masculine than others...

soooo... we're obviously getting a hammock now...

alright, alright. so i may have gone a little overboard with snapping pictures of zack all day. 
but seriously, can you blame me? look at this kid!!

allie shocked me with her tumbling skills
i'm still impressed.

 zack did cool flips too...

probably one of the greatest things i've ever witnessed.
my dad doing a headstand. you'd NEVER guess this guy is 62!! 
still just as much a kid at heart as anyone i know.

so the left picture of my little man was his way of "saying what the rabbit says". he brought me a book with all the animals and we were making all the regular noises; cat, monkey, elephant, pig, etc. and we got to a picture of a rabbit, so i tried to show him what the rabbit does- he started making this face and needless to say- had the attention of the entire room. then he REALLY started getting into it because he knew he was putting on a show at that point.
i was in tears. and all i could think of was- if this is how fun kids can be, and if i can have a few just like my little nieces and nephews then sign me up!

it's a weird thought. but i'm getting there. especially after weekends like this with all the amazingly wonderful chaos!

cole, abbie, emma, allie, mia, bo, blake, kate, and zack
i seriously love you little critters more than you will ever know!! 

love, you're favorite aunt 
(yes, i'm confident making that statement!)

ps. i realized i didn't put any pictures of my "rass" kids because we didn't get any, so there may be another post coming soon so everyone can see how cute THEY are!

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