costco: where dreams come true


i can't be the only one who gets giddy to go to costco. even as a grown adult, i still feel like a child when i'm at costco. maybe it's because it's so big, and everything is up so high, or because everything is 3x bigger than normal so it makes me feel half my size... whatever it is, costco seems to have quite the effect on me. with all the hustle and bustle and people everywhere it's exciting and a bit crazy, but you gotta love it! 
hubs took a day off yesterday and although all we really wanted to do was absolutely nothing (which we still did quite a bit of) we did need to make a costco run, so we made a day of it!
we practically had a gourmet meal with lots of appetizers and a $6 lunch, which you can't beat! looked at furniture (don't judge- they have awesome furniture!), did our shopping, and then headed home. 
semi-uneventful, but fabulous nonetheless. 

me feeling awesome about my purchases (really nothing exciting, mostly food and vitamins)
i am actually a little bummed because i had some dang cute pictures of hubs driving the cart around but my vsco cam app got deleted and erased everything! i'm sure he'll be devastated he didn't make it to the blog today (ha!)

and yes, i wore sweats! lazy days call for anything but real clothing and it didn't bother me a bit when people looked at me strange in my studded sweats, studded boots and army jacket.  
in fact, i was so proud, i decided to do an outfit post which is now dubbed as my "costco outfit" -
(including converse, which i would have worn had there not been 3 ft of snow on the ground!)

jacket: urban outfitters, black t: bobi, sweats: urban outfitters, shoes: converse
beanie: amazon, rings: f21, necklaces: lucky brand (gift) & lolabella boutique


  1. Love your outfit! And im obsessed with costco too!

  2. I love costco too!
    You know, sweats or not - you made it work!! :)

  3. Robyn you are the cutest. And don't worry about those people looking at you in your outfit, I have these high wedged boots I wore yesterday to Winco and this lady looked at me and said really loud to her daughter, "those look uncomfortable." Some people just don't understand fashion the way we do :)


  4. You are just straight up beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Costco is so fun!!!! :) xx

  5. you look so comfy & CUTE!

    - heather

  6. love this so cute!

  7. Love your Costco outfit, u look cute but cold!

  8. LOVE the boots you wore to Costco.

    XO Jenna

  9. Ummm, love Costco! We go almost once a week, and my little girl loves it. (Who doesn't?) I totally need a Costco outfit! Love those sweats!

  10. cutest comfy I've ever seen! love those sweats & you can't go wrong with converse!

  11. I want your steve madden boots!!!!

    xo Ashley