work it out


alright, this marks the second "comfy" post in a row. 
it's either that this is how i always dress and i just pretend to dress up in actual clothes to fool you all, or it was just a really lazy weekend that consisted of lots of comfy clothes. maybe it's a little bit of both :)  anywho, yesterday was yoga and zumba and i was more than excited to wear my new hoodie from albionfit! it is light enough i could wear at the gym but warm enough to get me from my car to the door without freezing in this crazy utah weather! i'm also such a sucker for thumbholes and the stitching on this hoodie sets it apart from any others!
i may or may not be wearing it as i'm posting this. only slightly obsessed :)
i've gotten a few emails asking about my gym routine, so that will also be coming soon!

p.s. stay tuned for tomorrow's post to find out how you can win this hoodie from albionfit! 
seriously, who doesn't LOVE free workout stuff..?!

hoodie: albionfit, leggings: f21, shoes: nike shox (old)


  1. I love comfy clothes! Can't wait for tomorrow's giveaway :)

  2. Love this hoodie! Also, you are so gorgeous! I love your hair :)

    xo, ciara

  3. love it!
    i'm back to my workout routine, starting yesterday...
    i'll make sure to enter the giveaway (a cute + comfy hoodie always helps)

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

    1. Seriously- this hoodie is my new favorite! You will love it if you win :)

  4. you look amazing in your workout wear!!!!
    also loving your mint nail polish :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  5. You are stunning!! So beautiful. Love the comfy-ness too. xo

  6. You look so fresh and pretty :)

  7. SO So cute! I do not look that great in my work out clothes. haha! But I wear them all the time anyways... :/

  8. Yay work out clothes! You are so pretty I can't handle it. Stahp

    xo Ashley

  9. You are absolutely stunning! I stumbled on your blog and love it! i'm excited to read more :) Would love if you stopped by mine!


  10. Your hair looks amazing in these pictures!

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