men's fashion


i've got a little something different going on today... we are talking men's fashion! 
this cute boy here has seriously been evolving, especially since i have started blogging and focusing a lot more of my time on fashion, he has also taken a slight interest in his own fashion sense. he has never cared much about fashion and been truly the most low-maintenance man around (which he still is) but the fact that he has taken an interest in what i do kind of makes my day :)
now don't get me wrong- he always looks good, but he honestly hadn't done much shopping since before his mission (that was about 6 1/2 years ago!) because he figures i spend enough money on clothes for the both of us and doesn't care to do the actual shopping part. so a little while ago i decided his closet needed a slight facelift and knew if it was going to happen it would have to be without him! between that little shopping spree and christmas, he has been a whole new man! he's turned into a cardigan wearing, skinny jean sportin', snazzy looking stud muffin (and you can quote me on that!)
now i definitely can't take all the credit, i may be his little personal shopper, but he puts everything together (even though from time to time i get the "hey babe, does this match?" question ;)
so let's talk about what's happening here. if there's anything i love on my man, it's a pair of slick (fitted, semi-skinny) dress pants, a skinny tie and a button up with the sleeves rolled up. don't ask me why, but i think between this outfit and a fitted suit which he also has a few of now, i get a little googly eyed and figure it has to be about the equivalent of when men see a woman in lingerie (that's safe to say, right?) needless to say, he looks good and who'da thunk i married a model? he felt just as comfortable in front of the camera as he does behind it! i wish i could say the same for me and i could take slightly better pictures, but i guess that is what hubs is for... :)

black button up: gift, skinny tie: h&m, pants: armani exchange, shoes: nordstrom 
watch: nixon 51-30, glasses: urban outfitters


  1. That last photo is very nice! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. awww, super sweet! I love getting the "does this work/match?" question!

  3. he is adorable!! and i love the new blog design, very professional

  4. How wonderful! Nice work, girl ;-) I can't get my husband to wear anything semi-skinny but at least his pants aren't sagging down to his skate shoes anymore!

  5. I love a well dressed man! I have definitely turned my boyfriend way more stylish these days!!

  6. Very handsome! My husband has really taken interest in his wardrobe lately, too! and I L O V E that!

  7. Well done, and he is such a good sport! Early in our marriage, my husband learned to just ask, "What do you want me to wear?" This saved him more time than having to change! He is getting better (with my supervision, of course)! I can't wait until he can ditch his scrubs and wear slacks to work every day for clinic. I'm sure he's thinking the exact same thing...only he's not!

  8. he is adorable! love the outfit, wish every man dressed like that!

    i definitely agree with the suits are the same as lingerie comment. 2000% yes, when i see a guy in a well fitted suit, i definitely get the googly eyes!

  9. The Hubs looks phenomenal! I completely agree with you- I, too, am a sucker for skinny ties, slick dress pants, and a button up on guys. It's definitely our version of lingerie!

    Also, love how he's posing just like you do haha.


  10. He looks good :) Well done, sir!

    xo Ashley

  11. haha, love it!
    i gotta get my man in front of the camera more!!
    here he is in 'hubbi style 01' -
    This Life Is Yours Blog

    xo - heather

  12. Cuuute! I do love some good man-style. It's great that he has an interest in it!

  13. I looks great! I love me a stylish man, plus it's more fun to buy for them sometimes!

    The Glossy Life