r & e avenue giveaway!!


hello all! so excited to share an amazing giveaway today! r&e avenue is giving away one of four items below of your choice to one lucky cleverly, yours reader! i have been wearing all my items pretty religiously from r&e lately because not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they mean so much to me! i'm sure you've seen them plenty throughout my posts and now it's your turn to not only choose an item, but pick what you would like to have engraved on it! 
here are a few photos of the jewelry i picked, the necklace and rings are just mine and hubs' initials and the bracelet has lyrics from our wedding song on it. i even had r&e make amazing gifts for my sweet mom and mother-in-law for mother's day recently and there is a photo of my mom's bracelet below. it's a charm bracelet with all her grandkids names on separate charms and the 10th one is just october's birthstone (which just so happens to be pink!) for our little babe and she'll eventually have a name charm as well. for now she's just baby girl though :)

here's how to enter:

1. you must be a follower of cleverly, yours' blog and follow cleverly, yours on bloglovin!
2. you must be a follower of @robynstew8 and @randeavenue on instagram
3. comment below stating which piece you would love to have of the four options below
4. share this giveaway via instagram, facebooktwitter, or pinterest (tag @robynstew8)

giveaway ends on sunday the 9th and the winner will be announced on monday! good luck! :)

style icon:
i also mentioned it yesterday in my post, but in case you missed it, i have been nominated for utah's style icon and wanted to give all my readers a little heads up on how to vote! voting only started a few days ago and i would love if you took a minute to click the link below and vote for me! love all my sweet readers and all your great support! 


  1. Just voted for you.. Style icon!
    You inspire me! Love your blog; I visit often and I am always motivated to try a new look! :)

  2. It's so hard to choose out of those four! But I would love the ring! It is so adorable!

  3. I love your style, I'm so glad you blog about it. I would love to win the ring!! Thanks!!

  4. I would love the rings!!!!!!

  5. LOVE the bar necklace!! So cute!!!

  6. sure love that necklace! i'd take the rings if they have it in my size!

  7. These are all adorable! Number one fan Robyn :) I especially love the cute rings!

  8. 1. Done :)
    2. Done :)
    3. I would LOVE the necklace! I also wouldn't mind the rings ;)
    4. Done :)

    Hope I win!

  9. Love these. I remember when you first posted the "bar necklace". Wanted it ever since. Love following you.
    (Keeping my fingers crossed!!)

  10. 1)Check! (gfc-Becca May bloglovin'-Rebecca May Boring)
    2)Check! (@beccamay81203)
    3)I fell in love with your "song lyrics bracelet" when you showed it to us a while back. I would LOVE to have one myself!
    4)Check! (shared and tagged you on Instagram - @beccamay81203 and on Facebook, just for fun! Rebecca May Boring)

    Congratulations on being nominated for Utah's Style Icon...you Utah girls are REALLY something else!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I follow you on everything! Posted on Insta, and shared on facebook!!:) congrats on being nominated!!

  12. 1) Done!
    2) Done!
    3) I love the rings! So pretty and love that they can be personalized!
    4) I shared on instagram!

  13. 1. Follow!
    2. Done!
    3. Love the song lyrics bracelet!!

  14. 1-Following of course!!!
    3-I LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace and the ring equally as much! I cant choose!! Super cute!
    4-I also shared on instagram

  15. 1: done!
    2: Done!
    3: I can't decide between the rings and the necklace; they're both ADORABLE.

  16. completed all necessary tasks...I am OBSESSED with the first bracelet- have been since you first showcased it on here...:)

  17. I LOVEEEE the rings! I mean, I love them all but I haven't found a pair of stacking rings that I love as much as these <3

    I shared your post on Instagram and Facebook and I also follow both of you talented ladies.

    All four tasks are completed!

    And on a side note, I voted for you for style icon :)

  18. I love the rings!! I also love what you did for your moms. If I won this I'd have it made for my mom with her grand-babies names :)

  19. I'm torn between the name rings or the lyrics bracelet.
    But I'll go with the name rings.
    Love them & your blog!

  20. Would love the lyrics bracelet! What a beautiful thing to have with you at all times!! :) Am following both, and shared on Pinterest!
    FYI-Voted for you for Style Icon too!! :)

  21. Oh my gosh! I want to win this! I followed both you lovely ladies on instagram and posted this on my pinterest and twitter :) It would be the perfect newlywed gift to myself ;) thanks for such a great giveaway!

  22. I love your blog and look. I love getting
    Outfit ideas from you! These all are adorable but I think I would choose the ring! :-)

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  24. I love it all, but I would love the rings. Love that it is personalized!! :)