my top 10 pool/beach necessities


happy tuesday and i hope you were all able to get through your monday alright! 
yesterday was actually my first time this summer hitting the pool for a little relaxing and girl talk with my sister-in-law. it was beautiful outside and and a perfect "pool day"- so today i wanted to give you my top 10 pool (or beach) necessities for the summer (for those of you that may be planning a trip or two to the pool this year!)

1. sunscreen! - an absolute must have for the summer! it's the best way to prevent burning, sun spots and aging/wrinkling skin down the road. i can't stress it enough! even though hubs and i were both given that darker olive skin genetically, we load up on this stuff! (the two i am showing here- ocean potion and coppertone brands- can be found at just about any drug store, i like the spray kinds because they are easy to apply and i always make sure they are waterproof!)

2. spf chapstick - another must! no red, dry or chapped lips here! burt's bees has always been a favorite and their sun protecting spy 8 brand is thee best for summer! 

3. beach towel - a big comfy, or cute one is always a plus! these are a few that i would love to add to my small collection - wildfox, roxy, kassatex

4. reading material - ahh, nothing says relaxing like kicking back and catching up on the latest fashion trends or how to tone your bod up for the summer - besides, when else do you ever have time to just kick back and read a magazine?! - elle, lucky and cosmo are a few i'll check out from time to time :)

5. summer polishes - for your perfect summer mani/pedi before you hit the pool! these were a few recents i found at walmart and the colors are perfect for summer! (from left to right - salon perfect "yowza yellow", salon perfect "flamingo flair" and sinful colors professional "#920") (similarsimilar, similar, similar)

6. water - or 1 liter to be exact in this case! i'm already supposed to be drinking double the amount of water since i've been pregnant, but if i'm doing any sweating at all i load up on even more! make sure to stay hydrated and cool while laying out and soaking up the sun!

7. beach bag - you'll need something to carry it all in- so snag a cute beach bag! i actually have a few that are "cute" beach bags, but they are slightly bigger and this one fit everything perfectly! plus it was just the bags they give you at checkout at urban so you can't beat free! (these are a few favorites- here, here, here)

8. a hat - not only will you look adorable sporting your favorite floppy hat or cute fedora, but it's multi-purposeful and aids as another "sun-blocker" for your face! (this lovely is from windsor)

9. sunnies - another must have when bearing the intense summer rays! aviators are always a favorite of mine and these, these or these are next purchases on my list!

10. tanning oil - yes, i stressed sunscreen enough you'd think i didn't use any of this, but for those of you who are looking to get a little color quickly without having to lay out in the sun for hours, this is the way to go! maui babe dark tanning lotion has been my favorite that i've found thus far! although this summer i'm using this a little less of this and using my #1 a lot more, i will still throw a little tanning lotion on my legs from time to time to get a nice summer glow! 
so enjoy hitting the pool, lake or beach (for those of you lucky enough to live close to one!) this summer and  hopefully a few of these items will come in handy! 


  1. This is actually a 2011 report about sunscreen, but not all sunscreens are the same. I thought you might be interested in taking a read on this. Not only is the sun causing cancer, but so is some of the sunscreens we chose to use. Which most of the bad ones are the ones we can purchase at our local stores. The sunscreens are altering are skin cells which is also causing cancer...

    I use Badger. It's one of the safe kinds.

    Something you may want to consider for your future little one. ;) Some of them are pretty dangerous and I cringe when I see parents putting spray sunscreen on their little ones.

    1. OH, PS - I'm an avid pool / beach goer. So don't think that I'm anti-sun. For pete sake I grew up in Florida, so you can imagine what fun out in the sun can be there! I'm just more conscious on my sunscreen choice that's all. ;)

    2. Definitely good to know- I hadn't heard but about this, really! Especially when using it on a little one!

  2. Oh geez, sorry I just have to say this... I know it's important about protecting against skin cancer and taking care of your skin and everything but come on people. The sun is not a new thing. It's not like all of a sudden it became this giant ball of firey cancer spewing anti-aging at people. I'm not saying this to you, but more because I've been noticing more and more people saying stupid things (like on instagram) and lecturing you about staying out of the sun. The sun does good things. Just in moderation (this crazy concept that you don't have to be psycho one way or the way, people don't seem to get this these days). I do agree with the post above about not using kinds that have all sorts of chemicals but again, with anything, in moderation!

    Ok wow, I'm done. I actually just wanted to say that I love Maui Babe as well. It's a must-have for sure!

    1. Haha, agreed 100%! More than anything I enjoy being outside, and summer is no exception, the sun and vitamin D is great for us but moderation is definitely the key word there! It's good to be conscious and aware but not to give up things we enjoy all together :)

  3. Great picks for the pool Robyn! I just painted my nails neon colors last night!

  4. Love this post Robyn! I will be picking up those polishes! Please do a makeup/skincare post soon!!!

  5. I think I'm going to try Maui Babe. I had a slight reaction to the one I had been using for a while last summer and couldn't find any others I liked after that. Thanks for sharing!