boho bibs


happy thursday and hooray for solid foods! for those of you who follow my instagram you may know that i started a three day juice cleanse with justorganicjuice on monday and finished last night. i honestly can't tell you how rejuvenated and amazing my body feels! it's definitely not easy, but it's so worth it! i had hit a point where i realized i needed to make a quick change. i was just eating when and whatever i wanted and felt like i was losing a little self control (especially because the things i were eating weren't all that healthy) so i decided to do a cleanse to just clean it up! i wanted to kickstart eating healthy again and last year when i did my cleanse i knew afterwards i didn't want to put any junk in my body after feeling so good so i did it again! i feel so great today, and although i'm more than excited to finally eat some solid foods, i am actually craving salads, things that are light and healthy and i'm going to still try and avoid sodas (hello, diet coke addict here!) and sugars (or maybe just most sugars :)
i hope you're all having a great week so far and are looking forward to the weekend! i will be sharing my juicing experience soon along with videos throughout each day talking about how the juices taste, how i'm feeling, etc. for those of you who may be interested in a juice cleanse!

brandy melville top (similar) // bib jumpsuit c/o shopelysian (similar style)


  1. This is such a cute look! I love the necklace bib!

    Fashionably Kay

  2. Love this look! That necklace is gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    1. Thanks girl! This necklace is by far one of my favorites!

  3. Love those bibs. Looks comfy and I love the pockets.