Here's to a better week...


Topshop Jeans // Booties via Marshalls (Similar)

Liv's Outfit: 
Gap Tank // Lace Shorts via Marshalls (Similar)
Old Navy Jacket // Cole Haan Sandals via Marshalls (Similar)


Ahh, if there were ever a weekend that I wanted to come faster, it is this one! After someone broke into my car and took my wallet and a few other things, it's taken two full days of shutting down checking accounts, canceling credit cards, and trying to decide whether a third trip to the DMV in one month is worth my sanity or not, I am finally looking forward to taking a couple of days to relax and (try) and forget the happenings of this last week! Fortunately things can be replaced and everyone is fine, it just wasn't quite the Tuesday morning at the gym that I had planned on.
On a happier note, Mother's Day is coming up soon and throughout the week I will be posting lots of Mommy/Daughter outfits (like this one!) and to be honest, these posts are some of my favorites! I never thought I would enjoy dressing a little mini me as much as I do, but chunky baby thighs in little shorts get me every time! ;) These adorable lace shorts were only $6.99 at Marshalls and THESE. SANDALS. Don't even get me started. Cole Haan for only $24.99 - another Marshalls find!
I hope everyone's week went a little better than mine and I so hope you all enjoy the weekend!! XO
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  1. wow people suck! Sorry about your week. Loving your shoes, and of course Liv looks adorable!


  2. That's terrible about your car! I hope your weekend goes much better than your week :) Your daughter's outfit is adorable here, and I love yours as well!


  3. So sorry about all the troubles! But your outfits are so cute! I love the little jacket!!