Sunday "Best"


Madewell Sweater (On Sale!!) // Leith Camo Jacket (Similar)
LuluLemon Leggings (SimilarSave) // Tory Burch Bag
Liv's Outfit:


Another fun post with Liv today... unfortunately she wasn't quite as willing to shoot these photos, so I was only able to salvage a few where she wasn't throwing her mini tantrum (as seen in photo #4). Oh the joys of working with "the talent" ;)
I wasn't sure if I would post today's look because it's a little less than glamorous, Olivia's hair is a complete mess and to be completely honest, these are basically our Sunday "comfy's"... but then I realized the beauty of sharing my life with you all is so you can see the less than glamorous parts along with the rest of it! I also couldn't help but show off our new matching Nikes. Let's just talk about how adorable these are for a second. Mommy daughter Nike Air Max's, but the best part is that the amazing Etsy shop, High Flashion blings the Nike swish out with actual Swarovski Crystal rhinestones. The fact that they even make Nikes small enough for little ones is kind of adorable, but blinging them out takes them to a whole new level! 
Happy Monday loves!
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  1. I love the matching camo! She is adorable! I really like the leggings with the sweater and jacket. The sweater dresses the look up a little. Casual is the best!

  2. I love the matching outfits! Feel free to post those less than glamorous pictures anyways, they're all good :)


  3. Love this mommy and me look. This inspired me to buy that camo jacket for my little goddaughter!

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  5. Hi Robyn, any advice as to whether your bag would fit a laptop in it? Love the look! Thanks :)

    1. It definitely should because it fits my Macbook Air easily! It's the larger "Frances" tote though, they have a smaller version that may not fit as easily :)

    2. Thanks so much! Love reading your blog :)